Affordable and ecological hand-made gifts

A few days ago was Buy Nothing Day and while I fully encourage buying less stuff any day (certainly when it’s made by eco-system destroying and workers exploiting capitalist companies), you may still want to give presents to friends or family for the holidays or for another occasion. And that can be a nice thing! So why not support some small independent creators this season? But first, if you like creating stuff yourself, go ahead and make your own gifts. Self-made presents are always the most precious and unique! But you can also offer hand-made goodies made by others and at the same time support independent creators. Take a look at our webshops, websites, or social media. Some of us may even be into swaps! My creative project Echo Zines is one such independent art project and I have several gift ideas available for you:


As Echo Zines, I create for example:

You can find bundles and some separate items in my webshop. You can also email me to order anything. Attention: in the weeks before the holidays there may be shipping delays by postal services. Please keep this in mind!

For anyone who happens to be in Ghent (BE) this weekend (December 3-4th 2022), I will sell some zines at the one year anniversary party of the Pardon zine collective at De Koer on Saturday and I will table with my zines and crafts at the Go Local winter market at Meubelfabriek on Sunday. Wayfaring Moon Apothecaries will join me there. I may even bring a few special surprise bags for this occasion!

EXTRA:  the second-hand feminist books from my earlier fundraiser book sale have become available again. They are all pay what you want/can and the sales help Echo Zines to keep creating and publishing! Email me if you’re interested.



I want to keep everything I make and especially my zines affordable because financial accessibility is super important to me. For me this accessibility is one of the things that makes zines different from magazines and artist’s books. Sharing is more important than profit. That’s why I also except swaps (f.e. for witchy zines/crafts). On the other hand, making, printing, and sending zines/postcards/stickers/buttons etc comes with a cost so any donations and sales are always welcome. ❤


Like many other independent creators, I try to use ecological materials or repurpose/reuse materials as much as possible in my creative projects. For example my postcards and stickers are printed by a CO² neutral printing company and my zines are copied on recycled paper (and if my local copyshop runs out of recycled paper, they use FSC-paper). To make my spell bags I use repurposed, foraged or organic materials. To package and send out everything, I try to reuse and repurpose materials as well. I’m not perfect but I try my best to not waste resources.

Hand-made and unique

I love creating things by hand: I make my buttons with a hand-held button machine. I fold and bind the zines myself at home (Chainsaw Bunny does help sometimes). I sew my own spell bags. I design all the artwork for my postcards, stickers, and buttons. My zines consist of my own illustrations, comics, writing, collages… and I invest a lot of time and care in creating and editing the zines so they are ready for publication and your reading pleasure. 🙂


Not only do I personally identify as a queer-feminist but queer-feminist themes and ideas are also woven into everything I make. My work is focused on self-care, activism, social justice, DIY culture, and reclaiming space for oppressed groups. If these issues are important to you, consider supporting Echo Zines and spreading the word by ordering my zines and art for your loved ones or yourself. Thank you! ❤

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