Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 8

This month I’d like to share a lot of awesome witchy YouTube videos about Winter Solstice (for the Northern hemisphere), the end of the year + the new year, and self-care during the holidays and season. I’ve selected videos with journal ideas, tarot spreads, crafts, folklore traditions, recipes, tips for dealing with the pressure of Christmas, and more. Enjoy!


Let’s prepare for the end of the year with December bullet journal spread ideas by La Greenwitch:


Jessica and the Moon shows how to do a year ahead tarot/oracle spread for the next year:


Take a look at the inspiring Wheel of the Year grimoire by Corregan The Crone:


Learn all about Yule and Winter Solstice traditions, enthusiastically told by Ginny Metheral:


The Witches’ Cookery shares Pagan traditions, symbols, and crafts to do around this time of the year:


Alwyn Oak gets crafty and makes Yule decorations inspired by and using items from nature:


More natural ingredients in this Winter Solstice prosperity spell by The Green Witch:


This can come in handy: a holidays / family gatherings survival guide by Anya Esma: (check my mini-zine about self-care during Christmas and other family gatherings too!)


Kelly-Ann Maddox talks about cancelling Christmas as an act of self-love:


While getting ready for the holidays, BeanBagHagWag shares her thoughts on life, creativity, and mental health and shows us the wonders of Winter:


Lavender Hazelwood Witches offers simple magickal self-care recipes for the cold season:


And more seasonal health and well-being recipes for kitchen witches by the Witches’ Cookery:





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