Februstitchery 2023 – needlecraft challenge

I’ve been wanting to participate in a stitch/needlecraft challenge for a while. There’s Stitchtober in October but I was too busy making zines that month. So I thought why not give last year’s creative challenge FebruWitchery a new life as FebruSTitchery? February being a shorter month when I don’t seem to have that many plans is perfect for a project like this.

So during this craft challenge, I intend to do crafty stuff nearly every day of February. I’ve assembled a list of things I want to make, mend, and work on, and if you want to participate too, you can do the same. I’ve also made a bingo card just because it’s fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

[By the way, on February 1st-2nd it’s the witchy/pagan holiday Imbolc and I thought it could be nice to celebrate it with some yarn/textile-based crafts as well.]


Last February I invented a month-long creative challenge called “Februwitchery”. It was meant to fit any witchy daily project so in 2022 I chose to design and carve witch-themed lino stamps which I have been using for mail-art, zines, and artjournals ever since. I was super happy with the result, even if I didn’t manage to make a stamp every day (that’s fine).

For February 2023 I’d like to try something similar: Februstitchery, an (almost) daily craft project. I’ve created my own list of prompts which are mostly things I’ve been procrastinating doing for a while. I may not accomplish all of them but it would be nice to delve into some of them and finish some long overdue needlecraft projects. For me Februstitchery can include anything involving yarn, thread, and/or fabric. It’s possible to work on 1 big project or do different things (nearly) every day. Feel free to participate and reinvent it if you like!

Februstitchery can include for example:

  • crochet
  • knitting
  • embroidery
  • sewing
  • weaving
  • bookbinding
  • zinebinding
  • attaching a patch to your jacket or bag
  • making something with felt
  • mending clothes, socks, or bags
  • repurposing or upcycling clothes, socks, or bags
  • using fabric scraps f.e. in collages
  • knot magick
  • jewelry
  • spell bags
  • a mobile or wind chime

This is the bingo card I created for Februstitchery: ๐Ÿ™‚ The middle is empty for anything I might like to add later. Feel free to have fun with it in your own stitchcraft projects! (Please credit me if you share it).

Other creative challenges that seem cool:

  • Self-love September
  • Inktober (I took part in this a few times and might try again this year as it’s very encouraging to keep drawing a lot)
  • Stitchtober (Februstitchery is inspired by this)
  • Linoctober (carving linos or block prints in October)
  • Linovember (carving linos or block prints in November)
  • NaNoWriMo (novel writing challenge in November)
  • ZineWriMo (of course I always try to participate in this challenge that takes place in November)

Some other silly names I came up with: taroctober, embroidecember, decembroidery, novembroidery, stitchtember, augrunge, rocktober, punktober…

Anyway, have a fun and creative month, and remember: self-care and rest first! Down with productivity logic and let’s just play!


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