Art for a Spell’s daily prompts – things I made in January + February

During the entire year Meghann and the Moon shares daily videos with easy and fast art prompts called “Art for a Spell”. Isn’t that impressive? And you can follow and participate for free! Find the 356 art prompts YouTube playlist here. Register here to receive the emails.

In this blogpost I’d like to show you everything I’ve made in January thanks to the Art for a Spell emails and videos:

Of course I can’t participate in every prompt but I do try to watch every video and make as much as I can and want, usually on the same day the email/video gets sent out. The emails arrive in my inbox around lunchtime so it’s a perfect little project for my lunchbreak (or for later in the day).

I find the prompts and instruction videos super encouraging to experiment with, to try new things, and to just make “something”. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t need to be big, and it doesn’t need to be finished but I find joy in the process and in seeing the surprising results. The art prompts inspired me to finally pick up my acrylic paints again, explore mono printing, work more with texture, and see creative use in lots of waste materials (packaging, used envelopes, old book pages, paper napkins, etc).

Some examples of things that participants were encouraged to make so far include collages with all kinds of papers, envelope window spell bottles, painted brush-wands, decorated paperclips, tea tag bunting, black out poetry, stencils, harmonica booklets, decorated matchbox treasure boxes, magazine image tape transfers, and magazine page envelopes… Some of these I’ve already used in one of my journals/grimoires (see photo at the top of this post and the full moon spread below).

I look forward to everything that’s still to come! Thank you for your ideas and inspiration, Meghann! ❤

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