ECHO is…

  • the zine project of Nina Zina, currently based in Ghent, Belgium
  • creates zines, postcards, buttons, stickers, spell bags, and other crafts since 2001 and has released cassette tapes with music and spoken word in the past

Email me if you have any questions.

Find ECHO on Facebook, Instagram, and Ko-Fi.

Read on for more info about my zines, my blog, and the events I organise:


Some of the zines I’ve made include Same Heartbeats, Flapper Gathering, Radix, Space Invasion, From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls, Echotopia, Do it Yourself Care, Guitarrr, Scissors & Chainsaws, Confined, and Witches’ Brew. My zines talk about personal and political topics, music, feminist activism, (mundane) witchcraft, herbalism, self-care, travelling, DIY culture, and more. Find them all here.

Email me to order my zines or the other things I make. Some of my zines are also available on Ko-Fi and in these shops, distros, and libraries.



I’d like to encourage others to make zines too and contribute to a worldwide feminist DIY zine culture. That’s why I regularly organise zine events and teach zine workshops. I have organised zine events such as Zine Fest Gent, Zine Café (with FEL), and several 24 Hour Zine Thing events in Ghent and Brussels, as well as plenty of workshops to teach and inspire others to start making their own zines. To connect online, I founded the Feminist Zines Europe facebook group and compiled a list of zine projects in Europe. I also enjoy participating in panels about DIY media and feminism activism and tableing at zine fairs, witchy markets or queer-feminist festivals (such as Ladyfest).

Email me to book a workshop or invite my at your event.

Take a look at past and upcoming events.


Read my blog.

I started my blog to share resources about feminist zines and (local) DIY communities and connect with others who are interested in DIY culture, queer-feminism, crafts, and witchery.

On the ECHO blog you can find:



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