ECHO is…

  • a low-budget DIY feminist media, music and art production project, currently based in Ghent, Belgium
  • creating and publishing zines, pamphlets, comix, tapes, buttons, crafts and more since 2001

ECHO was started by me (“Zina”). I use the project to create and self-publish my zines, comix and pamphlets, and sometimes music, spoken word, artwork and crafts. I’d like to encourage others to make zines too and contribute to a worldwide feminist DIY zine culture.

IMG_8303webApart from presenting my own zines, I use this blog to report on feminist zine-related news – especially from Belgium, write zine reviews and share articles about DIY feminist zine culture. It is my dream to see a feminist zine scene grow and bloom in Belgium [it’s starting!!]. Let me know if you make feminist zines too or if you’re a zine-maker from Belgium!

Sometimes I (help) organise zine activities such as Zine Fest Gent, Zine Café (together with FEL) and 24 Hour Zine Thing@Ghent or give workshops to teach and inspire others to start their own zines.

Read this blog to find out more about ECHO’s projects, publications and activities.


  • a distro
  • a publishing company

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Links to my other projects:

More projects I contribute to:



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