Ostara – bunny holiday in the bunny year!

Chainsaw Bunny wishes you a beautiful beginning of spring or a cosy autumn depending on where you live! She also wants to let you know that in this Year of the Rabbit, the Season of the Bunny has just begun in the Northern hemisphere because the spring equinox – or Ostara as witches and pagans call it – is very much focused on rabbits and hares, just like Easter!

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Visiting the Guislain museum + nearby graveyard

At the end of February I visited the Dr Guislain museum in Ghent (Belgium). It was the last weekend of their Mirror Mirror exhibition about fashion and the psyche and because I was doing lots of stitchcraft projects in February I didn’t want to miss that. I also visited the permanent exhibition Unhinged / Op Losse Schroeven and the temporary exhibition Connective Material in the same museum, and had a walk through the nearby graveyard Westerbegraafplaats. Let me show you some of the things I saw:

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Zine workshop at Anarchism and Collective Responsibility Symposium (Antwerp, March 25th)

On Saturday March 25th the Anarchist Symposium on Collective Responsibility in Antwerp (BE) will host a short zine workshop run by me and some of the organisers of the event. The symposium takes place on Friday-Saturday March 24-25th at the University of Antwerp. It’s free and it’s possible to attend in person and online. Be sure to sign up in time if you want to join!

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Art for a Spell’s daily prompts – things I made in January + February

During the entire year Meghann and the Moon shares daily videos with easy and fast art prompts called “Art for a Spell”. Isn’t that impressive? And you can follow and participate for free! Find the 356 art prompts YouTube playlist here. Register here to receive the emails.

In this blogpost I’d like to show you everything I’ve made in January thanks to the Art for a Spell emails and videos:

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Mini Zine March 2023 – my plans + play along

Today is the first day of Mini Zine March, a month-long challenge started by Nyx of Sea Green Zines to encourage mini-zine making and reading. For me “mini-zines” are small A7 zines. They are made out of 1 A4 sheet of paper that is folded and cut as a booklet. Nyx’s definition includes pocket-size or A6 zines too so anything is possible!

My plans for Mini Zine March are:

  • read (mini)zines
  • make at least 1 new mini-zine
  • share zine resources and sources of inspiration on this blog
  • teach a zine workshop at the Anarchism and Collective Responsibility Symposium in Antwerp on March 25th (I’ll post more info about it soon)

Play along and make your own mini-zine this month!


Februstitchery – the magick of stitchcraft

Today is the last day of Februstitchery, my self-imposed creative challenge! 😮 But I’ve still got many stitchcraft projects I want to start or finish so I’ll probably continue for at least a few more weeks* while I participate in Mini Zine March at the same time… Oh my, it’s gonna be a busy month with International Women’s Day and an upcoming anarchist zine workshop as well!

*There probably already exist a few suitable craft challenges in March too – #MeMadeMarch? #HandMadeMarch? 🙂

Anyway, in this blogpost I’d like to talk about the witchy possibilities of crafts and share some podcasts and publications that have inspired me…

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