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Queerkoorts – queer fair on August 18th

Something I forgot to mention in my news post earlier (I added it now) is that I’ll be tableing with FEL and our zines at the queer fair of the Queerkoorts event on Saturday August 18th, together with lots of … Continue reading

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New zine: Same Heartbeats #13!

Tadaa! The newest issue of Same Heartbeats is out now, #13! I’m very excited to present you my new zine. It was written and printed during the current heat wave but this issue is actually quite dark, fitting with the … Continue reading

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News & zine events (Summer)

So many announcements: zine plans, new zines, reviews, and two upcoming zine events!   News! International Zine Month is over but you can still read all about it on my blog. Check my posts here. My newest zine Same Heartbeats #13 … Continue reading

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Reviews of my zines

I feel so honoured and excited to see that some of my zines have received lovely reviews recently! So I decided to collect all the reviews I could find or remember and list them here. I’m going to try to keep this … Continue reading

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IZM day 31 – HallowZine

July 31st, the final day of International Zine Month is HallowZine, a day for remembrance and reflection: “Remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us.” I get very nostalgic lately, probably since I made my From Spice Girls … Continue reading

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IZM day 30 – write about IZM2018

I hope I’m not boring you too much with yet another post about International Zine Month but don’t blame me because this is today’s prompt: “Write a letter or post about your IZM2018” IZM is almost over – one more … Continue reading

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IZM day 29 – photo of your zine collection or zine

Hello there! It’s International Zine Month day 29 and today we are encouraged to: “take a photo of you with your zine or zine collection and post it online.” Do you write and/or read zines? What do(es) your zine(s) look … Continue reading

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