New zine – Same Heartbeats #6

IMG_8304webA new issue of Same Heartbeats, number 6, is out now! It was presented at Queer Zine Fest London on December 1st and is now available for mail-order, distros or trades.

In #6, travel stories take the upperhand again, from trips to London, Berlin, Amsterdam, to finally ending with a DIY/feminist tourist guide to Ghent. The zine talks about Ladyfests and zine fests, feminism, self-defense and learning how to play drums. It’s a mix of comics, drawings, collage and text.

This is the 26th publication/creation by ECHO. For more zines, click here.

Order: mail to

This zine and other recent zines from ECHO will be for sale at Zine Café.


Same Heartbeats #6 zine:
A5, 32 pages
1 zine = 2 euros + postage (discount for 5 or more copies)


New comic zine – Scissors & Chainsaws (International Zine Month diary comic)

IMG_7567My newest zine called “Scissors & Chainsaws” is out now! The ink has just dried and the paper is still warm! Scissors & Chainsaws is a diary comic, talking about daily life and zine-related things during international zine month July 2013 (it was a challenge for international zine month to draw something every day). Starting on June 30 till July 31st 2013, one page of comic stories for each day makes 32 pages of comics and drawings!

The zine is printed on recycled paper and a green recycled cover. Limited edition includes a foam bookmark in the shape of a bunny (without a chainsaw). Be quick, because there are only 30 copies with bookmarks available!

Order now: mail to

Scissors & Chainsaws comic zine:
A5, 36 pages
1 zine = 4 euros + postage


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