Contributions wanted for Scumgrrrls magazine

A message from our sisters of Scumgrrrls magazine:

The trilingual Belgian feminist magazine Scumgrrrls is looking for contributions! We’d like images of all kinds: drawings, comics, illustrations, collages, photography… all black & white. The central theme of this issue will be connections/bridges/links but there will be articles on other subjects as well. Articles we’re writing include:

  • Ladyfest
  • Palestine: for the rights of women, against the occupation
  • The biopolitics of assisted reproduction in Isreal
  • About the word feminism
  • Radical feminism and trans feminism
  • Connecting readers and writers in DIY media
  • Different generations of feminists/feminisms
  • Slutwalk
  • LGBT vs feminism
  • Intersectionalisms
  • Pinkwashing
  • Prostitution in the Netherlands

Are you interested in contributing? Let us know asap! And thanks in advance! You will be eternally rewarded with gratitude and you will receive a copy of the issue in which your image appears!

If you don’t know Scumgrrrls, take a look here:

Mail to loseluna(at)

FEL + ECHO = zine mania!

A reminder of some cool things that FEL and ECHO will do together in the near future:

  • Compile a zine about experiences with sexism: contributions are still welcome! Send your texts or artwork to (deadline: September 30th). Read more.
  • Organise a ZINE FEST on October 15th-16th in Gent! Yes, the first one ever in Gent, as far as I know! There will be several workshops so you’ll learn how to make zines and feminist posters and how to write fiction and articles. We’ll discuss about alternative media, there will be zines for sale (or swapping) and we’ll make a zine together! Read more.

Zine about sexist experiences

The feminist group FEL is looking for contributions for a zine about sexist experiences:

[scroll down for English]

Hallo, heb jij seksistische situaties meegemaakt waarover je wil vertellen, schrijven of tekenen? Heb je tips voor hoe er mee om te gaan? Wil je je woede of ergernis uiten in tekst en/of beeld? Laat ons iets weten! Wij zijn namelijk bezig met een zine* over seksistische ervaringen en we zijn op zoek naar bijdragen!

Seksisme is helaas nog lang niet de wereld uit, zelfs na decennia van feministische strijd! Dat willen we aantonen met dit zine en tegelijk willen we elkaar en anderen inspireren en motiveren om tegen seksisme te blijven vechten.

Het zine zal in zwart/wit en op A5-formaat gedrukt worden. Je bijdrage mag 1 of meer pagina’s bevatten. Stuur tekst in .doc of .odt en afbeeldingen of foto’s in bv .jpg, .tiff of .png. Let erop dat foto’s en afbeeldingen duidelijk zijn als ze in zwart/wit worden gekopieerd.

De deadline is 15 september 2011 verlengd tot 15 november 2011! Contacteer ons via felfeminisme(at) of flapper_grrrl(at)

Je mag deze oproep doorsturen naar andere geïnteresseerden!

* Een zine is een zelfgemaakt en zelf gepubliceerd boekje of magazine. Het is een low-budget, maar vaak creatieve publicatie omdat er volledige inhoudelijke en vormelijke vrijheid is. Ook feministes maken zines, soms “grrrl zines” genoemd. Meer info:

– – –

Hi, do you have sexist experiences that you want to talk about, write about or draw about? Do you have tips for how to deal with them? Do you want to express you anger and frustration in text and/or image? Let us know! We’re working on a zine* about sexist experiences and we’re looking for contributions!

Sexism still exists, even after decades of feminist struggle! That’s what we want to show with this zine and at the same time we want to inspire and motivate each other to keep fighting sexism.

The zine will be printed in black/white on A5-formaat. Your contribution can be 1 or more pages. Send text in .doc or .odt and images or photos in f.e. .jpg, .tiff or .png. Pay attention that photos and images will be clear when copied in black/white. The zine will be mainly in Dutch, but if you don’t speak Dutch, English is fine too.

The deadline is November 15th 2011. Contact us at felfeminisme(at) or flapper_grrrl(at)

You can forward this call to others who are interested!

* A zine is a self-made and self-published booklet or magazine. It’s a low-budget, but often creative publication because there is complete freedom in content and form. Feminists make zines too, sometimes called “grrrl zines”. More info:

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