Easy DIY idea for displaying mini-zines

I’ve been breaking my head for years about cheap or easy-to-make-myself and light-weight constructions to display zines and postcards on my table at zine fests and craft fairs. Laying them all flat is fine but takes a lot of space and building a more 3D table looks quite appealing too I think.

So then a few days ago I came up with this…

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Simple DIY magick – 7 creative ideas for you to explore

For me, delving into DIY witch practices is connected to creativity and self-care. This is what attracts me to it and keeps me curious and exploring. In this blogpost I’d like to share some simple witchy things I’ve enjoyed doing and making lately that can be used to enhance your creativity or mental health but are also just fun to create or learn about.

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DIY: how I record my songs at home

There are so many ways to home-record your own music, from building a mini-studio to simply using your phone to record yourself playing live. In this blogpost I’ll explain how I recorded the 2 EPs/albums of my solo project Lost Luna: “Shadow play” and “Wish upon a star“. I’ll talk about my own experience, using the materials I already owned. It’s not a manual for how music “should be recorded”, or how others do that, and it’s far from professional but it’s good enough for me to create the songs I want to make.


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How I made my spell bags

On my journey of exploring witchery, I enjoy focussing on the “craft” part of witchcraft and create lots of little “magickal” objects. I’m interested in tools and other witchy things that can be hand-made and used for self-care, self-confidence, and empowerment. Magick can be so simple sometimes.

Lately I’ve made a bunch of spell bags or charm bags. Some of them are available in my webshop. Take a look, I’m curious what you think. 🙂

Now, because the creative magick that I practice is not some secret power (or is it?), I’d like to demystify how I made these spell bags and show you each step of the creation process so you can make your own!

How to make your own spell bags:

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