Februwitchery – how it’s going with my witchy lino stamps

In the beginning of the month I set a challenge for myself to try and make one lino stamp every day in February. Because I wanted the designs to have witchy themes, I called this challenge “Februwitchery”. 🙂 So, would you like to see how it’s going so far?

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How I made my spell bags

On my journey of exploring witchery, I enjoy focussing on the “craft” part of witchcraft and create lots of little “magickal” objects. I’m interested in tools and other witchy things that can be hand-made and used for self-care, self-confidence, and empowerment. Magick can be so simple sometimes.

Lately I’ve made a bunch of spell bags or charm bags. Some of them are available in my webshop. Take a look, I’m curious what you think. 🙂

Now, because the creative magick that I practice is not some secret power (or is it?), I’d like to demystify how I made these spell bags and show you each step of the creation process so you can make your own!

How to make your own spell bags:

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Interesting stuff on the web: free clip-art, fonts, and software for making zines

For all your zine-making, web-designing, poster-creating and other creative work, it can help to have access to free fonts, online clip-art and open source software. So here are a few creative resources that seem cool. I haven’t tried or used all of them but I came across these websites or they were recommended to me (thanks!) and I thought it could be useful to share them.



Graphic software

  • Gimp: image-editing (open source alternative for Photoshop)
  • Inkscape: vector-based drawing (open source alternative for Illustrator)
  • Scribus: lay-outing (open source alternative for InDesign)
  • The writing software of Open Office and LibreOffice can also be used for lay-outing your zine or for writing the text (and then printing and cut & pasting the pages).

ADDED 08/06/2021: Affinity Publisher Zine Templates

Do you have any other recommendations? Leave a comment…

New mini-zines: Chainsaw Bunny hates everyone + Guitarrr

I made two new mini-zines at the same time! 😮

  • Guitarrr: a mini-manual about learning to play guitar (and a bit of bass)
  • Chainsaw Bunny Hates Everyone: a Chainsaw Bunny-themed self-care mini-zine

(You can see some work in progress images here)

Both are full-colour double-sided one-page folded mini-zines.
Each mini-zine = 0,50 euro (trades very welcome!)
Mail to flapper_grrrl@yahoo.co.uk

All my mini-zines are for sale as a set too now:

Set of 6 mini-zines = 3 euros (0,50 euros each)

Check this list of all my zines

Coming soon / future plans for mini-zines:

  • Zinespiration
  • Do it yourself care #2
  • Sew it yourself

November challenges?

Each year in November the writing challenge NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – takes place. The idea of this project is to write a (unedited!) novel of 50 000 words in 30 days. Because so many people are participating and sharing their progress, difficulties, and support online, it is an encouraging community project. Since last year ZineWriMo was invented too, to encourage the creation of a zine during the month of November. In their facebook group you can find other zinesters taking part in this challenge. October also had Inktober – to make an ink drawing each day of the month – which sounded like fun and I would have liked to participate but I saw it too late and was too busy anyway.

So now I’m thinking about what to do in November. I could probably make a zine that month but a drawing challege sounds interesting too. Some zine ideas I have in my mind for the future are a witch/halloween-style arty mini-zine, a Brussels DIY tourist zine, the beginnings of a librarian split/colabzine… and of course I’m working on Same Heartbeats #12 which I could finish in November too. I would also like the idea of making a lino cut each day (however small) and by the end of the month, print them all (in a zine or on cards)! Or make a drawing in a different technique and/or colour each day. Or make a zine that tells the story of all the buttons/badges in my button collection. Or make a recipe zine full of recipes I tried out or invented each day (however simple)…

Are you doing any writing/drawing/zine challenges next month?

Interesting stuff on the web: zines about making zines

Always wanted to make a zine but don’t know how and where to start? If you can’t catch a zine workshop somewhere, there exist plenty of books on this subject, but also lots of(downloadable) zines that can help you start out.

Doesn’t this prove that zinesters and zine-making are all about encouraging participation and creativity? Yes, zines really are the best! 🙂

  • Igor made a mini-zine in French about making zines called Zineception and you can download it here along with their other zines.
  • Olivia’s Let’s Make a Zine can be downloaded and printed on her blog.
  • Penfight distro has an inspiring zine with ideas of themes about which you can make zines.
  • Cherry Styles of the Salford Zine Library made this zine which is a handy guide for beginners.
  • “How to make this very zine” and other tutorials are available on the website of the Barnard Zine Library
  • My own meta-mini-zines in three languages (English, Dutch, French) can be found here.
  • Added 28/08/2018: Making zines with kids

Probably there’s lots more out there than what I included on this list. Let me know if there’s anything I should add.

International Zine Month: days 4-6

Some things I did for International Zine Month the last few days:

Day 4: read a zine from another country

Today I read the zine Sugar Paper #10 from the UK. It has a cover made from real sugar paper and hand-printed letters! Sugar Paper is a craft zine with 20 craft recipes ranging from party food to glitter shoes. #10 is the party issue.



Day 5: teach yourself a new zine skill

I tried to do some basic book binding and made a travel notebook! I always loved hand-made notebooks and these skills can come in handy for making zines too!


Here are some youtube clips to teach you some book binding skills:


Day 6: update or add info about your zine on ZineWiki (= wikipedia for zine land)

Update: http://zinewiki.com/Same_heartbeats

New: http://zinewiki.com/Scissors_and_chainsaws


24 Hour Zine Thing gathering: July 16-17th in Ghent, Belgium

FEL + ECHO organise a 24 HOUR ZINE THING Gathering in Ghent on July 16-17th 2014:

clockcolorsmall24 Hour Zine Thing is a challenge to make a zine of 24 pages in 24 hours. You can find the rules/FAQs here. It comes down to doing everything in 24 hours: writing, drawing, layouting, printing, folding, binding…

You can do 24 Hour Zine Thing anywhere in the month of July. Some people in Belgium decided to work on their 24 hour zine together at the same moment and place. We’ll meet at:

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