Art for a Spell’s daily prompts – things I made in January + February

During the entire year Meghann and the Moon shares daily videos with easy and fast art prompts called “Art for a Spell”. Isn’t that impressive? And you can follow and participate for free! Find the 356 art prompts YouTube playlist here. Register here to receive the emails.

In this blogpost I’d like to show you everything I’ve made in January thanks to the Art for a Spell emails and videos:

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Februstitchery 2023 – needlecraft challenge

I’ve been wanting to participate in a stitch/needlecraft challenge for a while. There’s Stitchtober in October but I was too busy making zines that month. So I thought why not give last year’s creative challenge FebruWitchery a new life as FebruSTitchery? February being a shorter month when I don’t seem to have that many plans is perfect for a project like this.

So during this craft challenge, I intend to do crafty stuff nearly every day of February. I’ve assembled a list of things I want to make, mend, and work on, and if you want to participate too, you can do the same. I’ve also made a bingo card just because it’s fun. 🙂

[By the way, on February 1st-2nd it’s the witchy/pagan holiday Imbolc and I thought it could be nice to celebrate it with some yarn/textile-based crafts as well.]


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Februwitchery – creative witchy challenge

As I wrote in my dreams & plans for 2022 blogpost, I really like the idea of creative challenges in which you get to do a creative thing every day of a month. Some examples include Inktober (making an ink drawing or sketch every day of October), Stitchtober (embroidering during October), and ZineWriMo (making zines in November). Also, I’ve been wanting to focus on making a bunch of lino stamps for a while now and I’d like to give it a go this month. My plan is to carve a small lino stamp every day in February. At the end I’d like to print them all to show the results on this blog and on social media. Not sure if I’ll manage to do this every day but we’ll see!

Of course, if you’re tempted, you can also participate and do any creative stuff with a witchy theme such as embroidery, mini-zines, drawing, comics… It would be cool to see the results! #februwitchery 😉

By the way, it’s Imbolc today (Midwinter) as well as Lunar New Year where I live (I assume because it’s the first New Moon of the year?). Happy Imbolc!

PS. On the photo bove you can see some lino cuts I made a while ago: “letter soup” (for the zine of the same name), “echo zines” with an envelope, stars, 2 female symbols, and a bird.

New postcard: moon trees

Best wishes for 2022!

A bit later than usual, here is my brandnew postcard for the holidays and new year! It was inspired by stargazing during a visit to a witch town in September (I went back this month). I’m fascinated by the moon and the stars and always love drawing winter tree branches (without leaves) which shows on the card. And of course, a cat couldn’t be missing… You can decide which herb is growing on the bottom right of the drawing.

The postcard is available to buy by emailing me. 1 postcard = 1 euro + postage

You can also buy my entire collection of 14 postcards in my webshop. (Find some photos of the postcards here). I will soon present a bundle that includes this card and a bunch of mini-zines if you prefer to wait for that.

If you’re interested in seeing more of certain kinds of zines, blogposts, and/or other creations, you can let me know here or on social media. I’m currently into creating herbal bags/charm bags and oracle cards, so who knows what the future will hold! 🙂

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