Bunny year

Chainsaw Bunny wants to remind you that the Chinese Year of the Rabbit has begun and that this is an excellent moment to spoil, admire, obey, and draw bunnies everywhere even more than you’d otherwise do! I guess this means I’ll have to make some more zines featuring Chainsaw Bunny soon…


Support anti-racist, POC, and Black Lives Matter struggles

Some ideas and resources for how to support anti-racist, anti-colonial, POC, and Black Lives Matter struggles:

Lavender Witch

Today, June 19th (from 9 am till 9 pm CET), Bandcamp will donate 100% of its profits to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, an American organization that has a long history of effectively enacting racial justice and change through litigation, advocacy, and public education. More information here.

So this is an excellent moment to buy music from independent bands and artists on Bandcamp!


Lavender Witch​ too will donate 100% of the profits of the pre-order of our album “Awakening” today, to Belgian Network For Black Lives​. You can pre-order and support on our Bandcamp page.

If you want to donate directly to Belgian Network For Black Lives, go to their GoFundMe page or PayPal.

At this moment Belgian Network For Black Lives is raising funds “to help out all the people who were brutalized and/or arrested by Brussels police after the Brussels manifestation…

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Support the Archive of Youth Culture in Berlin!

The Archive of Youth Culture (or Archiv der Jugendkulturen) in Berlin needs your help! Because they need to move soon they are looking for financial support. They’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign that you can donate to.

This archive is my favourite place in Berlin (which says a lot because they are a lot of great places there) because it has an awesome collection of books about subcultures such as riot grrrl, punk, grunge, hiphop, and more, as well as lots of boxes full of zines. It is a very welcoming place with super friendly and enthusiastic staff where you can browse and do (DIY) research at ease. It’s so important for places like this to exist to be able to preserve youth culture and counter culture heritage which might otherwise get lost and forgotten. So if you can, support them AND visit them!

(Some photos of my visits)

ZineWriMo: my November plans

Last year ZineWriMo (Zine Writing Month) was invented, as a zinester alternative to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – although it’s very INTERnational) which both take place in November each year. I’m not much of a fiction writer, so ZineWriMo is more for me and also like that the goals you can set for yourself are more flexible and free. I liked the idea of Inktober and similar challenges that encourage experimental drawing too. So I took some time to think about what I wanted to do in November and here are my plans (which may still change!):

banner by Sea Green Zines
  • Blog about ZineWriMo (which I just did!)
  • Finish Same Heartbeats #12
  • Make at least 1 mini-zine
  • Design and make a bunch of small lino stamps
  • Do a presentation on zines in Brussels on November 10th for the Speaking Volumes series about women’s artist books and feminist self-publishing
  • Participate in the creative coffee meetings in Le Space and work on zine projects there
  • Read zines

If you need some inspiration, here is a list of activities you can do, invented by Sea Green Zines:

Great ideas for ZineWriMo by Sea Green Zines!

Wegwijs in de wereld van feministische zines

Veel info over (feministische) zines: plekken waar je zines kan printen/kopen/downloaden, tips om zelf zines te maken, zine evenementen… :

De Tweede Sekse Voorbij


Hieronder vind je een lijst van interessante websites, informatie en projecten i.v.m. (feministische) zines. Deze lijst is uiteraard verre van compleet, maar dit is al een begin en kan je op weg helpen om de wereld van feministische zines te ontdekken! Ik heb er geen lijst van feministische zines bij gezet omdat die eindeloos lang zou zijn, maar je kan in plaats daarvan de recensies op deze blog lezen en in de catalogi van de distro’s die hieronder vermeld staan neuzen.

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Vagina Dentata

Lost Luna’s new band Vagina Dentata is on facebook!

We are an all-female feminist band and we play metal/punk/crust.

We have no recordings or shows yet, but watch this space for news and more info!

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