Spell wish bottles and other crafts for the New Year

Happy New Year!

Because last night was the first full moon of the year, I wanted to do something creative yesterday. Something to welcome the new year and start it with optimistic intentions (however hard that may be in the world we live in today). I decided to make a “wish bottle”, toast to the moon with “moon mylk”, and do some more magick and crafts…

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Yule travel altar – visiting a witch town during Winter Solstice

Last week I visited Vielsalm, a small town known for witchy folklore. I’ve been there before and enjoyed the quietness, beauty of nature, and cosiness so I looked forward to being back there this Winter. In this blogpost I’ll talk and show you more about my visit…

Given that Winter Solstice or Yule happened during my stay in Vielsalm, I thought it might be fun to create and carry a “travel altar” or “portable altar”. Take a look below and see how you can make your own:

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Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 8

This month I’d like to share a lot of awesome witchy YouTube videos about Winter Solstice (for the Northern hemisphere), the end of the year + the new year, and self-care during the holidays and season. I’ve selected videos with journal ideas, tarot spreads, crafts, folklore traditions, recipes, tips for dealing with the pressure of Christmas, and more. Enjoy!

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Artjournal about the seasons and sabbats

In the past few weeks I decorated and filled a new journal that is all about the witchy holidays and seasons. The journal contains pages that keep ideas, colours, tools, and symbols for each pagan sabbat. For this project I used an empty artjournal/junkjournal that was made by Meghann And The Moon and I was immensely inspired by the Wheel of the Year mini grimoire by Corregan The Crone.

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The making of… more witch zines! (+ how to get them in avant-premiere)

In the past few weeks I’ve put the finishing touches on some of new zines.  So you can expect an announcement of their release very soon. I’ve mainly been working on a halloween-themed mini-zine featuring Chainsaw Bunny and several issues of Witches’ Brew – because as you know, tis the season. Here you can see some work-in-progress photos and sneak peeks:

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The magick of notebooks

Ok, I admit it, I’m a hoarder of notebooks, sketchbooks, and journals. But I do use them! And it’s also nice to have some not-yet-used options readily available in a box so I can choose from them for new projects instead of having to go out and buy a new one.

In this blogpost I’d like to show you some of my witchy notebooks and journals that are currently in use. I kind of feel like a kid working in these and I love it. Witchcraft opened up new creative opportunities for me that I’m very happy with. Since the pandemic I’ve used/filled about a dozen new sketchbooks/notebooks and the ones I started in the past 13 months are all witch-themed in some way. So let’s take a look…

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