Zines I read in 2022 (December)

Hi, this is the final edition of “zines I read in 2022” but of course I will keep reading in 2023! This time we’ve got witchy, poetry, activist, and comic zines, and a bunch of feminist mini-zines that were made during National Women’s Day…

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Zines I’ve read in 2022 (August) + Saturday’s zine gathering is cancelled!

First, a little announcement: the outdoors zine-making gathering that I’m organising tomorrow in Ghent will be cancelled due to rainy and chilly weather. Sorry about that! I hope to be able to organise one in October if the weather spirits are in our favour. 🙂 If you still want to do creative stuff tomorrow, I can recommend going to Girls Go BOOM’s button-making workshop at the Meubelfabriek!

I guess tomorrow will be more indoors zine-reading than outdoors zine-making weather… So here are some recommendations: Last month I read a bunch of lovely zines again. This time they talked about exciting topics such as music, herb foraging, graveyards, ageism, aromantic plants, and ghost towns, and featured comics, collages, photography, travel stories, interviews, and more… Discover them all here:

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Zines I’ve read in 2022 (February)

Curious about which zines I’ve read in February? Here you can see them all… They include perzines (with a focus on autobiographical content), artzines (with a focus on the artwork / visual aspect), colourful mini-zines* (one-page folded booklets), activist zines, and even a 24 hour zine (I love those!) with a prompt from yours truly. The zines contain collages, drawings, digital art, tetra pack prints, daily photos with personal stories, poetry, research, and a variety of other writings and artwork. They talk about the history of witch persecutions and its relation to the rise of capitalism and patriarchy, “wine moms” aka “cis-core” (or white middleclass cis norms), herbs for reproductive care, food, the power of community, daily life in the pandemic, cassette tapes, anxiety for climate change, dinosaurs, translated and illustrated Greek/English/Spanish feminist and queer slogans, (family) trees, and more… I think this is a super inspiring collection of zines, showing the great diversity and endless possibilities of this DIY media format. ❤

*By the way, it’s Mini Zine March this month!

More info and photos:

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Zines I’ve read in 2022 (January)

Here I am again to show you the zines that I’ve read in the first month of 2022. These include zines with a personal/autobiographical focus, zines with great visual appeal (particularly a few that make wonderful use of collages), zines that discuss political issues, and zines sharing the author’s passions. The personal zines or perzines I read share thoughts about and experiences with mental health and disability, the importance of (centering) friendship, doing a Phd during the pandemic, growing older, and there was even a zine that celebrates perzines and invites you to make your own. I’ve had the opportunity to read a few mini-zines that were made during a workshop by Shabbes 24/7 and that talk about diaspora, identity, and home. Then there were some zines that are more educational about questioning your gender identity (especially as a cis person) and tips for what to do when you feel miserable. Finally I’ve read a colouring book with illustrations in support of abortion activism, a study into (un)censorship and subcultures, a colourful choose-your-own-adventure situated in a research context, a beautiful risographed mini-zine, and a celebration of the greatest albums of 2021.

Several of these zines I received from zinester pen pals who I’ve been trading zines with for a while (you know who you are 🙂 ) and it’s so precious to know they keep making their wonderful publications and keep contributing to building a zine community. I’m honoured and grateful to receive and read what they create. ❤

More info and photos:

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