ECHO started as a DIY tape label. 3 tapes have been released so far, but at the moment I prefer to concentrate on zines. Maybe there will be new sounds some day…

But music still plays a big role in my life. I play in a band called Lavender Witch and we have recorded some demo songs and an album called Awakening (available on CD + zine or digital). You can get it from Bandcamp or by emailing the band or me directly.

I also write and record songs for my solo project Lost Luna. I’ll soon upload some songs on the Bandcamp page of Lost Luna.


You can still listen to my old band Vagina Dentata‘s songs and videos or buy the CD (mail me).


No More Nice Girls – Vagina Dentata
Feminist all-female punk-crust-rock-riot-core with angry lyrics, fast songs and slow melodies, based in Ghent/Werchter/Aarschot
CD, 7 songs
EUR 5 + postage
more info



  • Ju Ju Queens – Girl Germs: split tape
    ECHO 013
    JU JU QUEENS: all-female post-punk, indie rock, mysterious new wave… 3 songs taken from their “Violence” EP and 3 songs from their new “Hjelp” EP.
    GIRL GERMS: angry grrrls & boiz, feminist hardcorepunk, political grrl-core… 8 previously unreleased songs. Unfortunately they have broken up.
  • Riots in the Benelux: compilation tape + booklet
    ECHO 010
    What? riot grrrl/boi/queer music and spoken word from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
    Styles: indierock – punk – performance – ska – grunge – garagerock
    Bands: Naifu, Grant Moff Tarkin, The Tommies, De Fatwa’s, Butcher Baby, Mexican Holiday, L’Ego, Manu Ella, Displayed, Girlfight, Lushus, Lost Luna, Dusty Blinds, Far To Close, Teen Machine
  • Echoholic: compilation tape + booklet
    ECHO 005
    What? feminist and/or female spoken word and music from different places in the world
    Styles: poetry – electro – ska – punk – folk – indierock
    Bands: The O.G. Panty Complex, Sleepy Lili, Die Bitch, Heart (Attacking), Crimal, Amy Bell, Rahela Ferari, Jeanne Spicuzza, Lucid Nation, Boy Funk, Nudes, Lost Luna, The Cherry Bombers, Violent Vickie

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