ECHO started as a DIY tape label. 3 tapes have been released so far, but at the moment I prefer to concentrate on zines. Maybe there will be new sounds some day…

At the moment I’m in a band called Lavender Witch and we have recorded some songs and are working on more. We will put out a CD in 2020 (and maybe a tape or vinyl soon too).

I also write and record songs for my solo project Lost Luna.


You can also still listen to my old band Vagina Dentata‘s songs and videos or buy the CD:


No More Nice Girls – Vagina Dentata
Feminist all-female punk-crust-rock-riot-core with angry lyrics, fast songs and slow melodies, based in Ghent/Werchter/Aarschot
CD, 7 songs
EUR 5 + postage
more info



  • Ju Ju Queens – Girl Germs: split tape
    ECHO 013
    JU JU QUEENS: all-female post-punk, indie rock, mysterious new wave… 3 songs taken from their “Violence” EP and 3 songs from their new “Hjelp” EP.
    GIRL GERMS: angry grrrls & boiz, feminist hardcorepunk, political grrl-core… 8 previously unreleased songs. Unfortunately they have broken up.
  • Riots in the Benelux: compilation tape + booklet
    ECHO 010
    What? riot grrrl/boi/queer music and spoken word from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
    Styles: indierock – punk – performance – ska – grunge – garagerock
    Bands: Naifu, Grant Moff Tarkin, The Tommies, De Fatwa’s, Butcher Baby, Mexican Holiday, L’Ego, Manu Ella, Displayed, Girlfight, Lushus, Lost Luna, Dusty Blinds, Far To Close, Teen Machine
  • Echoholic: compilation tape + booklet
    ECHO 005
    What? feminist and/or female spoken word and music from different places in the world
    Styles: poetry – electro – ska – punk – folk – indierock
    Bands: The O.G. Panty Complex, Sleepy Lili, Die Bitch, Heart (Attacking), Crimal, Amy Bell, Rahela Ferari, Jeanne Spicuzza, Lucid Nation, Boy Funk, Nudes, Lost Luna, The Cherry Bombers, Violent Vickie

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