Ladyfest Maastricht 2017 – looking back

At Ladyfest Brussels in 2016 I met Madda. We both participated in the animation film workshop and were both not so fluent in French, so we formed a team to make a little stop motion film together. Madda felt so inspired by Ladyfest Brussels that she wanted to bring Ladyfest to her town, Maastricht. And so she did. Together with other local feminists she organised Ladyfest Maastricht in the Madril squat on May 6-7th 2017. That’s the cool thing about ladyfests: you can organise your own, all diy, even if you’ve never organised a festival or feminist event before!

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Book review: Map Art Lab

I’m not only a fan of zines and comics, but I also absolutely obsess over maps. I find them beautiful in themselves and of course extremely useful. Maybe they also remind me of treasure hunts and pirate stories. I used to draw maps of unknown places I was visiting so I wouldn’t get lost but now I mostly use professionally printed maps designed by others. I’ve build quite a map collection over the years, and even though I use them mainly for practical purposes, some of them are true artworks which have decorated my walls.

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Article about feminist perzines in Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies

In November last year the journal Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies published my article “Write it yourself? Feminist perzines as participatory playgrounds”.

Here you can read the text of my article about feminist perzines in pdf.

I’m still always interested in zinesters’ views on zine-making and feminisme/activism. If you make zines and would like to contribute to my (diy) research and be interviewed, fill out my surveys here, here or here.

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Out of print zines

Out of print zines I won’t reprint anymore:


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Ladyfest Maastricht zine

Ladyfest Maastricht took place on May 6-7th 2017 in the Netherlands and in those two days, Megan and I gave a zine workshop during which a collaborative zine was made by all participants. We enjoyed the experience a lot and were so happy and proud with all the creativity and enthusiasm that found its way in the zine!

The zine has now been digitised and is free to download and print! It is a full-colour zine in A5 format, you can “print as book” to get the pages in the right order and choose to print it in colour or black and white (both should look fine) or you can just read it on your screen of course.

Download the Ladyfest Maastricht zine. Enjoy reading!


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Zine Happening III – report by FEL

On April 8-9th, the third edition of Zine Happening took place in the Lousberg park. A bunch of feminist zinesters gathered to do a zine table together. Read the full report [in Dutch] with lots of pictures on the website of FEL.


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Interesting zine stuff on the web

Here are some extremely cool zine projects you should check: resources, games, social media, events, blogs, and more!


  • POC Zine Project: all about people of colour and anti-racist zines and zine projects
  • Grassroots Feminism archives several zine projects
  • This website is quite old, but still so valuable: Grrrl Zines Network
  • A good starting point for finding out about zines is this zine link list (made by Riotmade with love) with a glossary, youtube manuals on how to make mini-zines and websites and literature on zines
  • ZineWiki lists international zine projects and you can add your own!
  • check Feminist Zines Europe for more resources

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