New zine – From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls

During the recent 24 hour (fan)zine workshop at Le Space I made another 24 hour zine (although, as usual, it took me a bit longer than 24 hours to finish it).

It’s called From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls!

In a nostalgic mood I decided to track back my musical fandom journey during my teenage years in the mid-end 90s, evolving from pop bands to female-fronted punk and metal. The zine also delves into curiosities from the 2000s, (lack of) diversity in representation, and gender troubles while growing older. Even Chainsaw Bunny has an appearance!

Want to read this zine? Mail me at

The zine costs 1 euro + postage. Zine trades are welcomed.

The first 10 orders of this zine will receive a free 24 hour zine button (1 per order)!

The zine is printed with an oldschool copy machine in an oldschool copy center on white recycled paper, cover pages are printed on hot pink paper, tied with black cotton yarn.

Check out all of my 24 hour zines (and 24 hour zine events), and other zines.


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24 hour (fan)zine workshop at Le Space – short report

Three years ago we organised the first 24 hour zine event in Belgium. It took place in Ghent, with 5 zine enthousiasts, some of which had never met before. Since then we have organised 5 other of such zine-making gatherings, alternating between Ghent and Brussels.

The idea of these events is that anyone can participate and make their own zine in 24 hours (or work on a zine during the event – it doesn’t have to be finished, nor do participants have to be there for the entire 24 hours). The results are always wonderful, and so different and creative!

At each next 24 hour zine event more and more people showed up. The local / DIY / queer-feminist zine scene is still small but it exists! This time, on July 7-8th, we were about 12-15 zinesters who participated and some more curious people hanging around. The event took place in the activist cultural café Le Space, probably my favourite place in Brussels.

I had a great time again, hanging out with such inspiring and enthusiastic people and working on my zine called “From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls”. We didn’t get to print our zines during the 24 hours, so I haven’t seen (all) the final results yet, but I’m sure they will be true treasures again! I already read two of the zines that were made and was amazed again! Can’t wait for the next 24hz edition!

(PS. If anyone is up for regular zine-making or other creative writing/crafting/drawing sessions, in Ghent or Brussels, for example at Le Space, let me know!)

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Zines I read in 2017 (part II: April – June)

I received lots of nice zine mail these last few months and then there was Zine Happening and Alternatieve Boekenbeurs happening in my town. So lots more fresh reading materials. I also spent more time on reading books but I’ll review those books elsewhere, like here and here. Click here for previous reviews of zines I read in 2017. So I guess this is also the international zine month’s edition of my reviews. 🙂

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International Zine Month 2017

It’s July! International Zine Month!

So what’s on the programme for this year? My plans so far: I’m helping organise 24 Hour Zine workshop at Le Space on July 7-8th, attending Weirdo Zine Fest (not tableing but will have some zines to trade and on the communal table) on July 15th, writing zine reviews, re-organising my zine collection, making zines, making a zine flyer, designing postcards, visiting at least one zine library, making zine buttons/badges,…

You can also get inspired by the list of activities you can find here.

Have a fun zine month!

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24 Hour Zine Workshop

  • Friday 7th July 5 pm – Saturday 8th July 5 pm
  • at Le Space in Brussels (no sleeping place there! find your own place to sleep elsewhere)

Are you curious about zines*? Have you always wanted to self-publish your own radical alternative media on a topic which you are passionate about? Join the 24-hour-zine challenge and make your own zine or mini-zine in just 24 hours (sleep included :-))! A small friendly workshop in the safe space of LeSpace, everyone welcome, also just for an hour or two if you can’t make the whole event!

*Zines = self-made, non-commercial booklets or magazines, often on radical and political topics, which you can write/draw/make however you want and copy to give or swap with friends.

Questions – send an email to:

The next 24 hour zine event will take place at Le Space in Brussels. Everyone welcome, from experienced zinesters to newbies! For people who’ve never made zines before, we explain the zine basics and teach you how you can make your own zine!

This event is free!

If possible, bring some basic materials such as: a pencil, a black pen, an eraser, scissors, a glue stick, and paper. Additional materials such as stickers, old magazines to cut up, wrapping paper, stamps, photos, and yarn can be fun to use too. If you prefer to work digitally, you can bring your laptop and use open office, Scribus, or InDesign to make your zine.

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Article – Zelfgemaakte alternatieve media als activisme: de rol van zines in feminisme

The feminist blog De Tweede Sekse blog published my article about the role of zines as feminist activism [in Dutch]

Read the article here

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Ladyfest Maastricht 2017 – looking back

At Ladyfest Brussels in 2016 I met Madda. We both participated in the animation film workshop and were both not so fluent in French, so we formed a team to make a little stop motion film together. Madda felt so inspired by Ladyfest Brussels that she wanted to bring Ladyfest to her town, Maastricht. And so she did. Together with other local feminists she organised Ladyfest Maastricht in the Madril squat on May 6-7th 2017. That’s the cool thing about ladyfests: you can organise your own, all diy, even if you’ve never organised a festival or feminist event before!

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