In Movement – 24 hour zine out now!

inmovementweb1New zine: In Movement

This summer, on August 20-21, friends and I organised another 24 hour zine event in Gent during which I made In Movement (with some finishing touches afterwards). In Movement is a 32-page pocket-size perzine about moving and finding a home. In it you can find stories about all the places I’ve ever lived in, my struggle to find an affordable apartment in Gent, tips for moving and living on your own, reviews of zines about moving, and more. The cover features a blue stamp and the zine is tied with blue yarn.

inmovementweb2In Movement is my fourth 24 hour zine because it was made in 24 hours (or more or less 🙂 ). Yay! For my other 24 hour zines – CuNt & Paste, Space Invasion, and Letter Soup – take a look at my zine catalogue.

I’m releasing the 10th issue of my zine Same Heartbeats at the same time.

Buy In Movement for 1 euro + shipping, mail me at
(You can pay by paypal, bank transfer, or very well-hidden cash – I have another email address for paypal!! Zine trades accepted too!)


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Looking back at the 4th 24 hour zine event in Belgium

This happened a little while ago, so sorry for this late report…

On August 20-21, we did another 24 hour zine thing event in Gent. We were 6 zinesters working on a great variety of zines! It was the last zine event taking place in my old home (because my room mate and me just moved out) and it was an excellent closure.

IMG_9863web IMG_9910web

I made my own zine about looking for a new home and the upcoming move. Other zinesters wrote about dancing, cross-stitching and sadness, accountability in feminist groups, a specific kind of monkey, and witches. The master copies all looked soooooooooo awesome, can’t wait to swap with the printed zines.

As usual the 24 hours turned out to be a bit longer for most of us, but the most important is having fun while making creative stuff. 🙂 I’ll post info about my own zine and all the other 24 hour zines that were made on this blog very soon!

The next 24 hour zine event will probably take place in Brussels. Check this blog for updates and news!

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News & updates – August-September 2016

Some end of the summer activities and zine news:

  • img_9842webwOn August 13th, I was tableing with my zines and with my friends of the feminist collective FEL at Ieperfest. This is a hardcore festival in Ieper that has been going for decades. Hc-punk music, yummy vegan food, anarchist/feminist books for sale, interesting talks and films, and a zine library, I was a happy bunny! FEL also did a talk about the future of feminism.
  • My zines are now distributed by the band Respect My Fist (on the tour they did this summer through Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium), Artificial Womb distro, Heavy Mental distro, Active Distribution, and at various zine events in the UK. They’re for sale in some other places too.
  • Same Heartbeats #10 is finished and printed, as well as my new 24 hour zine In Movement! More info soon!
  • And yes, I still plan on releasing that Lost Luna demo this year too.
  • The home office of ECHO will move in the end of September, so ask for my new address before you send any snail mail.
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24 hour zine event – August 20-21 in Gent

  • When? August 20-21, Saturday- Sunday
  • Start: 15:00 (but you can start later too) till around 17:00 the next day (but you can finish earlier or a bit later too)
  • Where? Gent

24zinebelgiumlogowebThe next 24 hour zine event will take place in Gent again! Mail me for the exact address and if you’d like to participate.

The idea of this event is that each participant creates a zine of 24 pages within 24 hours, but even if we don’t always succeed in this goal, we have fun making zines together! Your zine can look however you want it to look and be about any subject/theme you like.

IMG_2464webZines we’ve made before were mostly made by hand and includes subjects like (radical) feminism, fiction/stories, home, femme identity, words & language, voice, feminist zines & posters, gender & space, …

Here you can find more info over 24 Hour Zine Thing, what zines are and how you can prepare.

What to bring:

  • zine-making equipment (paper, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, glue, scissors, collage materials, stickers, stamps, glitter, photos, whatever you like…)
  • sleeping bag and mat (in case you stay over, but let me know first!)
  • laptop (optional)

What is already there:

  • scanner
  • printer (bad quality though + limited ink available, only suitable for text, print images beforehand!)
  • paper cutter
  • tables & chairs
  • yarn to bind your zine
  • a garden
  • food: we buy vegan/veggie food collectively and ask you to contribute and on Saturday evening we’d like to go get fries nearby

Let me know if you want to participate or if you have any questions!

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The ZINE TEST – which zinester are you?

This test is a preview from the upcoming zine Same Heartbeats #10:

Are you curious to know which type of zinester you are? Click on the image and do the test!



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“Zine there done that” documentary – interview with Ana Hine and Fergus Cruickshank

13640912_1750792348475947_6654966018266639031_oExciting zine news! Ana Hine, editor of the zine Artificial Womb (we made a split zine together!) and film maker Fergus Cruickshank are making a documentary together called Zines there done that. It will be about Ana’s struggle with mental health issues and the role that zines are playing in her recovery. Other zinesters may be featured as well as the zine touches upon feminists arts, DIY culture and mental health in general.

The crowdfunding campaign for the film is up now, so hurry to support this amazing project! In October 2016 we can expect the documentary to be finished.

The link between (per)zines and recovery is something which interests me a lot. I think zines, because of their accessibility and creative freedom and because of the supportive zine community in which they exist, can play a great role as tools for self-care and as community support networks. Zinesters often say writing zines as like therapy and survival for them. I’m curious to see how the film will explore this issue.

Let’s ask Ana and Fergus about their motivations and expectations of making the film!

Continue reading

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Working on the next Same Heartbeats zine (international zine month)

IMG_9371webCurrently making the 10th issue of Same Heartbeats: drawing, writing, cutting & pasting, editing on my computer…

This issue will contain a “zine test: which zinester are you?”, rants about age and about keeping memories, reports of feminist events, a short guide to learn how to DJ, an interview with the zinester of Athemaura, thoughts about Brussels, comics, and much more! It will also include a special secret full-colour mini-zine all about Chainsaw Bunny!

IMG_9373web IMG_9370web


Proudly wearing my Olympia Zine Fest T-shirt, even though I’ve never been there, but I was so lucky to win the t-shirt! 🙂

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