Book review: The Archival Turn in Feminism

The Archival Turn in Feminism: Outrage in Order
– Kate Eichhorn

How could I not have picked up this book from the anarchist bookshop Fort Van Sjakoo in Amsterdam? It’s about several of my biggest passions: archives, libraries, zines, riot grrrl, and feminism. Can you imagine my excitement when I found it? However, despite the interesting subject matter, the book couldn’t continuously hold my attention and left me with quite a lot of questions…


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Amazone Winter Market in Brussels next week

I’m participating in the Winter Market at Amazone in Brussels on December 19th. It starts at 3 pm and goes on till 9 pm. I’ll be surrounded by amazing crafty artists and will share a table with the greatest zinester-friends.

Here are some photos of some of the zines and crafts you can expect to find at our table:

Zines and books by me and my friends + postcards for the winter season:


Buttons/badges + crafty bunnies and cats:


I’m almost packed and ready to go!

Come and have a look on the 19th!

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Comic about abortion rights in Mine Anthology

The MINE Anthology is a book full of engaging, creative and colourful cartoons, comics, and illustrations from various international artists, published to support the Repeal the 8th campaign by Irish feminist organisations. The project demands to repeal the 8th, provide true reproductive freedom and install legal and accessible abortion services in Ireland.

Our bodies are OURS!
My body is MINE!
So I get to decide what happens to it!
MY body MY choice!
Bodily autonomy now!

This amazing book was published a little while ago and you can still buy it here. There are also some cute bags for sale. Check it out and support MINE!

I happily participated in this project by contributing a comic for the publication. Here you can see the comic I made, depicting a short herstory of abortion rights in Belgium (it was only semi-legalised – legal under some conditions – here in 1990!):

Please support MINE and reproductive freedom for all!


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Translation “I have hair on my legs”

Someone made a translation in Portugese of my illustration about leg hair! Cool!

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News & events

Got some news and upcoming events for you!


  • Same Heartbeats #12 is finished! More info here and order it by mailing to
  • I’m working on a mini-zine on self-care and a DIY tourist zine about Brussels but don’t know yet when they will be finished.


  • Tuesday December 12th 2017:
    Waar zine de vrouwen? – at Minus One in Ghent
    I’ll be selling Same Heartbeats #12 and there will be other zines such as the new Fat Positivity Belgium zine!
  • Tuesday December 19th 2017:
    Winter market – at Amazone in Brussels
    Zines and crafts for sale!
  • January 2018:
    Public Domain Day – at RoSa in Brussels
    (to be confirmed)
  • Friday-Saturday February 16-17th 2018:
    24 Hour Zine Challenge – at Plek in Kammerstraat, Ghent with Girls Go Boom
    Participate in making your own zines in 24 hours! More info soon.
  • Saturday March 3rd 2018:
    Zine workshop – at Vort’n Vis in Ieper
    Learn how to make your own zine in one afternoon
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New Years postcard – new design

Looking for New Years / winter postcards to send? I’ve got a new design featuring Chainsaw Bunny!

You can still order the other designs too:


It’s 1 euro per postcard + postage. Mail to to place your order or if you have any questions. (Postcard or zine swaps welcome too!).

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ZineWriMo: roundup

November was ZineWriMo = Zine Writing Month!

It was nice experience to participate for the first time in ZineWriMo although I don’t think I did that much. But I’m still happy it pushed me to finish #12 of my zine Same Heartbeats and it was fun to be inspired by what other zinesters were doing (esp. Nyx of Sea Green Zines).

Some things I accomplished/finished:

Some things I started:

  • I tried a new zine genre: I started making a tourist zine about Brussels, if tourist zines are a genre at all! I didn’t get far yet though. I’ll probably finish it some time early next year.
  • I started working on a mini-zine about self-care, and hope to make one about things that inspire me one day too. Here are some photos of the self-care mini-zine in progress ->

Some activities I want to do at a later time:

  • I’d like to make a “zine travel kit” like the one Sea Green Zines has.
  • Create a “make a zine” kit with mini-zines that explain how you can make zines, templates, buttons, materials, stickers…
  • Make another fanzine (already made one about the Spice Girls & riot grrrl). Don’t know about what yet though.
  • Design lots of lino stamps because you can never have enough lino stamps.

Some favourites I hadn’t mentioned yet (from Sea Green Zines’ to do list):

  • Favourite snacks: chips, salted peanuts and other savoury snacks!
  • Some of my favourite tools are: my stamps (letters, images, symbols, and self-made lino stamps), trusty paper cutter, kitchen scale…
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