November challenges?

Each year in November the writing challenge NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – takes place. The idea of this project is to write a (unedited!) novel of 50 000 words in 30 days. Because so many people are participating and sharing their progress, difficulties, and support online, it is an encouraging community project. Since last year ZineWriMo was invented too, to encourage the creation of a zine during the month of November. In their facebook group you can find other zinesters taking part in this challenge. October also had Inktober – to make an ink drawing each day of the month – which sounded like fun and I would have liked to participate but I saw it too late and was too busy anyway.

So now I’m thinking about what to do in November. I could probably make a zine that month but a drawing challege sounds interesting too. Some zine ideas I have in my mind for the future are a witch/halloween-style arty mini-zine, a Brussels DIY tourist zine, the beginnings of a librarian split/colabzine… and of course I’m working on Same Heartbeats #12 which I could finish in November too. I would also like the idea of making a lino cut each day (however small) and by the end of the month, print them all (in a zine or on cards)! Or make a drawing in a different technique and/or colour each day. Or make a zine that tells the story of all the buttons/badges in my button collection. Or make a recipe zine full of recipes I tried out or invented each day (however simple)…

Are you doing any writing/drawing/zine challenges next month?

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News: more upcoming events

Some interesting upcoming zine / DIY / feminist events:

  • Sophia conference: October 19-20th: (I’ll table on the 20th)
    at De Markten in Brussels
  • Feminist badge-making workshop: October 21st
    at the feminist café Poisson Sans Bicyclette in Brussels
  • FEL café: October 22nd: open meeting with feminist collective FEL
    at Faja Lobi in Ghent
  • Eat My Paper: October 28th: micro-editions fair
    at Recyclart in Brussels
  • Speaking Volumes: November 10th: I’ll do a presentation about zines
    (part of a series of presentations about feminist magazines and artist publications)
    at ISELP in Brussels
  • Les Mercredis du Fanzine: every first Wednesday of the month: zines for sale, expo…
    at le Bunker in Brussels
  • Queercore film screening: November 30th: documentary about the herstory of queercore / queer punk in the US, organised by Girls Go Boom + queercore zines available by Out Loud
    at Minus One in Ghent
  • Irregular informal creative (Friday) afternoons with zinesters, writers, craftsters, illustrators…: contact me for info
    at Le Space in Brussels (or elsewhere)

More DIY feminist/zine events here and here

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Zines I read in 2017 (part III: July – September)

July was “international zine month” so I celebrated by trading, buying, and reading lots of zines! All of this trading and reading continued in August and September (because why stop while you’re having fun?). In July I went to Weirdo Zine Fest in London, so apart from zine swaps, a lot of the zines mentioned here were bought there. I know this looks like quite an impressive reading list but remember that I did not make much progress in any books those months and well, zines are small and quick to read and I got a lot of opportunities to acquire them.

Because I read (again) so many zines the past three months, I didn’t have the time to write proper reviews. I tried to add some short descriptions though, so you’ve got some idea of what the publications I read are about. I also tried to mention the website/online shop for the zines. If nothing is mentioned, ask me and I can maybe help you get in touch with the zinester.

Enjoy checking out these zines, while I go on reading the next ones in my to-read pile!

[All zines in Eglish unless otherwise mentioned]

Continue reading

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F-word: fantastic feminist festival – some photos

A few weeks ago the truely fantastic feminist festival F-word took place in Amsterdam (5th edition already!). Here are some photos…

Zine stand, next to Atalanta, Anarchist Group Amsterdam (AGA), and Paper Jam:


Plenty of great bands among which Anti-Corpos and Screaming Toenail:


And karaoke and cats:


Things I didn’t take photos of: feminist graphic design workshop, queer edge workshop, yummy vegan food, other zine/book stands… [You’ll be able to read more about it in one of the next Same Heartbeats zines.]

The same weekend there was a mini edition of Zine Happening by Les VoiZines at Bijloke in Ghent where Sister Ray Zines & FEL were tableing and I passed by for a bit too. Looked like fun too!

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Reviews of my zines – by SeaGreenZines & Morning Star

Cool, recently two other zinesters reviewed some of my zines! Thanks SeaGreenZines and Morning Star, you both rock!

  • The UK socialist daily newspaper Morning Star publishes regular zine reviews on their website as well as in print, which is super awesome. Recently they reviewed Same Heartbeats among other zines. Radical zine revolution now! 🙂
  • SeaGreenZines wrote a lovely review about Scissors & Chainsaws. I was so happy to swap zines with her (all the way to Australia!) as well as read the review and find out she liked my comics starring Chainsaw Bunny. I enjoyed SeaGreenZines’ Don’t Call Me Cupcake zines a lot and I’ll publish (short) zine reviews of them here on my blog very soon. Check her zines out in the meantime!
    UPDATE: she wrote a review of In Movement too!
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News: Autumn updates & events


  • Looking for local zine scene reports!
  • Looking for recommendations of DIY/activist/alternative places for a DIY Brussels tourist mini-zine I’d like to make. Write any recommendations in the comments or mail to: flapper_grrrl(at)
  • Still working on Same Heartbeats #12 but making good progress! Might be finished in 1-2 months or even sooner.


Interesting zine-related events in or nearby Belgium soon:

  • Atelier zines: 21-22 sept: at Chez Zelle in Louvain-la-Neuve
    (the zine scene is growing!)
  • Les VoiZines x Drawing Days: 29-30 sept: at KASK in Ghent
    (Sister Ray Zines will table there and will have some FEL and ECHO zines too)
  • UPDATE: F-word festival: 29 sept – 1 oct: at OCCII/Binnenpret in Amsterdam
    (there will be FEL + ECHO zines on Saturday and Sunday afternoon)
  • Speaking Volumes: starting 29 sept: at ISELP in Brussels
    (a series of presentations about feminist magazines, artist publications, and zines)
  • Zine Camp: 11-12 nov: at Worm in Rotterdam
    (sounds pretty awesome)
  • Alternatieve Boekenbeurs: 14 april 2018 at De Koer in Ghent
    (yay, date just announced!)
  • More upcoming events here
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Interesting stuff on the web: DIY research and zine resources

Another collection of useful websites, this time with a focus on DIY research and various zine-related resources. Some of these websites helped me a lot when I was writing an article on feminist perzines and others keep being of use for me as a zine writer/reader. I’m sure you’ll find them interesting too! 🙂 Check out the previous “interesting stuff on the web” posts too.

Useful resources for research:

  • Libgen: books! magazines! articles! comics! All at your disposal…
  • Gutenberg Project: lots of free ebooks for which the copyright has expired
  • Online newspapers can be found at Krantenarchief
  • share and download articles and research papers
  • Bibliography of research papers on zines.
  • This is pretty amazing: a comic book called “Hot Pursuit” about demystifying archival research for artists that you can download and print yourself.
  • I wanted to mention Sci Hub too but the website seems to have a problem at the moment… hopefully soon restored because a world opened when I discovered that website, literally a world of research papers! All accessible for free thanks to a female hacker!

Useful resources for zinesters:

And after you’re done checking these websites, get off the internet and make/read zines!

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