Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 6

For this month’s favourite WitchTube list, I chose to focus on activism and social justice. These 7 videos include information about decolonising knowledge, queering wicca, the magick of masks, spells for Black Lives Matter and reproductive rights, and tips for queer books and decks as well as a black history oracle. Enjoy!

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Visiting the Huis van Alijn museum in Ghent

This blog post is a bit late but I still wanted to write a bit and show some photos of my visit to the Huis Van Alijn museum (“House of Alijn”) in Ghent a month ago because I really enjoyed it. Huis Van Alijn is the museum of daily life. It’s a fun museum to explore at any time because the permanent exhibition (which is regularly updated/changed) is well worth a visit and I think it’s a fun activity in these weird times. But I especially wanted to see their current exhibition about protests and parades…

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New self-care & feminist activism zine bundles in my webshop!

To do something special for December’s Bandcamp Friday, I assembled two new bundles! These zine/postcard bundles are now available in my Bandcamp webshop.

Self-care bundle

Take a look

Feminist activism bundle

Take a look


These bundles are only available in my Bandcamp webshop. Go to the shop to place an order.

(PS. I can’t promise that they will arrive on time for the winter holidays!)

Protest posters

Here are a few activist posters that I made a while ago:

Kinderfeest: download pdf

“Sinterklaas” is approaching and so it’s good to be armed against all the racist arguments to keep the traditional “Black Pete” or “Zwarte Piet” character as part of this children’s party (celebrated in Belgium, the Netherlands and part of Germany). This poster is an attempt to explain (a part of) its problem and to give a possible awesome alternative: Queen Nikkolah. This poster was first made for and printed in a zine about the issue of Zwarte Piet by Sister Ray Zines. Find more info here.

Solidarity with Mawda: download pdf

Mawda was a refugee toddler whose parents fled to Belgium. While the family was trying to find a safe home, she was killed by a police officer who shot at the van they were hiding in. Follow the case and campaign to bring justice to Mawda here.

My body my choice:

This poster was made for an exhibition organised by Chocs et Ennui on March 8th 2019. The design was created by me but the silkscreen print was done by Chocs et Ennui. It’s available as a postcard but not yet as a pdf.

(Please credit me and let me know if you intend to use any of these images other than for personal use, sharing online, or as *legal* street-art -> I’d love to see photos though if that’s possible. 🙂 If you are a white organisation or publication that receives funding and/or has paid employees, ask me first.)

I’m currently working on a poster about the advantages of face masks and will add that when it’s finished (might take a while).


Find more activist posters online to download and print:

Communal Care – new zine by with_drawn

Hi, I would like to draw your attention to a new zine project! “Communal Care” is the first collaborative zine that was just released by the new with_drawn collective. Be sure to check it out. The zine focuses on self-care and community care during high stress events such as the Covid-19 crisis.

What’s inside this zine?

  • Resilience pie
  • Mental health safety plan
  • Reflection on privileges
  • Ideas for distraction
  • Music as self-care
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
  • Consciousness-raising with zines
  • Small ideas for groups
  • + more!

36 pages, A5, b/w printed

How to get a copy?

You can download the zine here to print yourself or read online, and there are paper copies available too. The paper zine is sold on donation (+ postage). Mail to with_drawn(at) (or find the zine on future shared zine tables with ECHO – when zine events will happen again…).

PS. with_drawn will make/print more zines soon. There already is a translation of a scientific article related to Covid-19 available. Keep an eye on the blog for more news.

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