Baby Fire album release party + exhibition

My friends of the band Baby Fire will release their new album “Grace” on Friday March 18th. For this occasion, the entire weekend will have concerts and art at the cultural centre Brass in Brussels.  I’m participating in the exhibition and will be showing some new artwork/drawings.

Take a look at some of my artwork, the programme of the event, and more:

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Visiting the Witches exhibition in Brussels

Last week I visited the Witches exhibition in Brussels (Belgium), organised by the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles). An entire exhibition about witchcraft and witches, I knew in advance that I was gonna enjoy it but it really went beyond my expectations. So I decided to write a little blogpost about my visit and show you some images from the exhibition. The exhibition closes by the end of this week so make sure to visit if you can!

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Self-portrait of 2021

Every year I try to make at least 1 self-portrait so in this blogpost I’m revealing the one I made a few days ago for 2021. Tada!

It’s made with black marker (“alcoholstift”) and white gel pen on blue paper.

A little while ago I was also working on these felt self-portraits (during a vitual workshop by Seleena Laverne Daye). I should really finish them soon…

Friends who’ve drawn or embroidered Chainsaw Bunny

I’m soooo excited and honoured to share with you these artworks that some of my friends have made of my stuffed bunny and comic zine character Chainsaw Bunny. They all did so spontaneously, I didn’t ask for it, so each time it was a wonderful surprise for me. Make sure to check out all the amazing zines, books, stickers, jewelry, music, and games that my friends create!

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New: Portfolio website

A few months ago I decided to create a portfolio website for all my illustrations, comics, and zines. You can see it here:

Of course I’ll still keep blogging about zines and other stuff here but that portfolio website is easy to refer to for a clearer overview of all my work. It was also fun to make. 🙂

Enjoy scrolling through it!

Embroidered art for the Confined zines

You know how suddenly lots of people turned to baking bread during lockdown? Or other things they had never done before, either because they never made/had time for it or because they needed a new hobby to fill their time at home. Well, I also had a bit more time on my hands since lockdown started so I tried to take up embroidery as a new craft. I’m still a beginner, trying to find my own style and way of expressing myself in this medium. Over the summer I decided to embroider some “slogans” related to my zine series Confined, as part of the pre-order for the new issues, which I enjoyed doing a lot. I’m selling the embroidered artworks I made in my webshop. Take a look at all of them here:

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Inktober 2019 – all of my drawings

1 – ring

Inktober ( = ink drawing challenge taking place in October every year) started off well for me this year. I made drawings for 11 days in a row but then I needed a break. I continued drawing on and off but didn’t follow most of the prompts. In the meantime, I was also doing the lay-out of the CD and zine of my band Lavender Witch, designing and printing two new postcards, and writing songs. So yeah, can’t really complain about my creativity levels in October.

» » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » »

Take a look at all the drawings I made last month:


New postcards!

I have new postcard designs!

I printed some new postcards!

They are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, house-warmings, newborn / adopted babies or pets, New Year / winter holidays, friendship parties, International Women’s Day, Halloween, and other celebrations or occasions.

You can send these postcards to friends, family, penpals, or complete strangers, or keep them for yourself! You can send them out to celebrate something or just for fun! Because sending and receiving postcards = fun!


You want to order one or more postcards?

Price: 1 euro (+postage) / card
Discount: 9 euros (+postage) if you order 10 cards!



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