New stickers/buttons/postcards/bookmarks + workshop announcements

NEW NEW NEW – I’ve got lots of new stuff! Stickers, postcards, buttons… Read on to find out more about everything. I’m so grateful for all the support and feedback I got so far about my latest creations. It means the world to me! ❤ And more news: I’ll be teaching two zine workshops, in August and in November…

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IZM 2022 week 3 – buttons, bandcamp, book shelves, and brainstorming

Hi! Welcome to another International Zine Month (IZM) update! I hope you’re coping well with whatever the season is bringing, whether it’s heat waves or snow storms. Be sure to make some time for resting and reading zines. 🙂 In this blogpost I’m showing you my button machine and my #witchyjournalchallenge pages, reorganising my zine shelves, brainstorming for new projects, and inviting you to create zines together!

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Working on new witchy DIY projects: buttons, spell bags, stickers, zines, songs…

During the dark winter days I’ve been working on some new projects. I wanted to make things with the witchy magick of these cold days attached to it. These include stickers, (mini)zines, buttons, postcards, spell bags, and Lost Luna music. Some of these you’ll be able to see very very soon!

I also want to thank the readers who have filled out and sent me their answers to my survey that I posted on this blog a little ago. I’m still curious to any feedback you’d like to give. 🙂

Here is a sneak peek for some upcoming mini-zines!:

International Zine Month 2021 – work in progress

How’s zine month going for you? I’ve been enjoying myself so far, reading and making zines, and posting about zine stuff on this blog

I’m skipping today’s official International Zine Month prompt, “write a letter or online post about your IZM2021 experience” (see Stolen Sharpie Revolution), because I will summarise my #IZM2021 experience in a later blogpost.

So instead, I’ll give you some glimpses of the zine projects I’m currently working on:

  • Do it Yourself Care #4
  • Confined #3 and 4
  • New buttons

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Zinester merch: buttons, prints, postcards, lavender bags, bunnies and cats

One of the ways I use to fund my zine-making is by creating and selling other hand-crafted things, such as lavender bags, postcards, and buttons.

I sell them at craft fairs (like Marché Créatif Féministe happening today in Brussels) and sometimes at zine fests and you can order them online by contacting me. The postcards are also for sale at some bookshops and libraries in Belgium and in the UK.

How to buy them:

Mail me to place an order or go to one of the events where I’m tableing.

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ZineWriMo 2019: day 18-24

This week I didn’t get to do many of the recommended ZineWriMo prompts. There were a lot of fun ones though, like making collages, showing your zine space/tools/collection, and creating a 24 hour zine but I just didn’t have time… Maybe I’ll do them next week instead, or focus on other ziney projects.

I did do the “read zines” prompt: I chose Ladyfuzz #5, a feminist music zine from the UK, which I enjoyed reading a lot. I’ll mention it in my mini-review section soon.

What I also accomplished was finishing and scanning all the pages of my half of the splitzine! Now all I have left to do is edit them in Photoshop and place them in the right order in InDesign to make a pdf ready to print. I can’t wait to see Kirsty’s half! To be continued…

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New ECHO buttons!

Lost your old-school Echo or riot grrrl button? Here are new designs! Some are made for ECHO and some for FEL but you get them all here.

These 1 inch buttons are for sale for 1 euro/button.

Please specify which button(s) you want. If you have any questions, just let me know.

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