T-shirt design for Passionless Pointless

I was very honoured when the Berlin-based feminist grunge band Passionless Pointless asked me to design an illustration/logo for their new T-shirt. I love their music and had a lot of fun making the design. I hope it captures their fiery feminist spirit! ❤

Get the shirt from Passionless Pointless on their Bandcamp!


Zine bundle upgrade + Lost Luna news

Hi there, how are you?

I have some Lost Luna news to share with you: I’ve upgraded a zine bundle on Bandcamp with a digital download of my latest Lost Luna album “Wish upon a star”, the amazing I Wannabe Yr Grrrl Zine wrote a lovely review of that same album on Instagram, some of its songs have been played on a bunch of podcasts and radioshows, and I’m currently composing new songs on my guitarlele! Read on to find out more…

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The last tape…

… is gone! So I was gonna make a post today to announce that the last copy of Lost Luna‘s “Wish upon a star” album was still for sale on Bandcamp but it’s just been sold! (Before the dinosaur or the bunny could get their claws or teeth on it – thanks to Kitchen Leg Records for the cool T-Rex photo below!).

Luckily, you can still listen to the songs on Bandcamp for free or acquire the digital version of the album. Kitchen Leg Records may have some tapes left too.

Huge thanks to everyone who bought or listened to the music! I feel honoured and grateful for your interest and support! ❤

Bandcamp Friday and the #1 best-selling grunge tape

Hi, how are you doing? Just so you know, there’s another Bandcamp Friday tomorrow on April 1st (it’s not a joke!). Why is it a good idea to buy music or merch from artists and bands on Bandcamp Fridays? Because on those days Bandcamp doesn’t take their cut of the sales which makes a big difference for independent and DIY artists. So you might want to check out my Bandcamp page and webshop in which I sell my zines as well as the music of my home-recorded solo project Lost Luna.

By the way, the sales of Lost Luna’s “Wish upon a star” album have been going well…

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DIY: how I record my songs at home

There are so many ways to home-record your own music, from building a mini-studio to simply using your phone to record yourself playing live. In this blogpost I’ll explain how I recorded the 2 EPs/albums of my solo project Lost Luna: “Shadow play” and “Wish upon a star“. I’ll talk about my own experience, using the materials I already owned. It’s not a manual for how music “should be recorded”, or how others do that, and it’s far from professional but it’s good enough for me to create the songs I want to make.


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Song stories on Lost Luna’s “Wish upon a star”

My solo project Lost Luna‘s second album “Wish upon a star” was released 2,5 weeks ago – digital as well as on tape! – so I wanted to give some background information about each of the songs on the album. I added the lyrics of the songs to the Bandcamp page just today. Sharing lyrics is sometimes even scarier than sharing songs…

So, here we go, let’s take a dive into this dark guitar-centred world I’ve created. You can listen while we go over the songs:


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Lost Luna – Wish Upon a Star (new album out now on tape + digital!)

Hi! Today – March 8th or International Women’s Day – is the release date for Lost Luna’s second album “Wish upon a star“! Exciting!! It’s out now on cassette tape and digital via Bandcamp and it’s full of dark lo-fi guitarrr tunes about personal and political themes.

Thanks to the Berlin based tape label Kitchen Leg Records the album is produced on tape. They also designed and created the amazing artwork. ❤ So you can get the tape from them or from me on Bandcamp. If you live in Germany, postage will of course be cheaper if you order it from Kitchen Leg Records.

More info:

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