Zine/witch events and plans in Autumn

Tis the season of the witch and as you know, every month is zine month! So I’m excited to announce that this Autumn I’ll be participating in a witch market, a craft fair, an art exhibition, and a feminist zine workshop. Come and say hi if you’re around! You can also read about some of my other plans for this season if you scroll down:

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Visiting the Witches exhibition in Brussels

Last week I visited the Witches exhibition in Brussels (Belgium), organised by the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles). An entire exhibition about witchcraft and witches, I knew in advance that I was gonna enjoy it but it really went beyond my expectations. So I decided to write a little blogpost about my visit and show you some images from the exhibition. The exhibition closes by the end of this week so make sure to visit if you can!

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Photo report of Journée pour la Défense de la Terre

Ugh, these are weird and scary times… So I distracted myself by writing a bit about an event I went to last month in Brussels:

On the last day of February, Jessica of Fake Breakdown Crafts and I tabled with our zines and crafts at the creative market at Journée pour la Défense de la Terre at Au Quai. I had a great time and I think Jessica did too. We had a good view over a wall on which shortfilms and documentaries were being projected about activist and anarchist struggles. We were surrounded by other creative people selling posters, books, and more. And there was a silkscreening station where I got a cool feminist T-shirt. Jelena who I had met at a zine workshop a while ago came by too and we explored the space some more. AuQuai has a great squatty vibe, is creatively decorated and I felt right at home.

Here are some more photos:

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Photos of 30 years Vort’n Vis + Mothers & Daughters’ feminist market

This month I tabled together with friends at the 30 (!) year anniversary festival of the autonomous punk centre Vort’n Vis in Ieper and at the feminist market at the temporary lesbian bar Mothers & Daughters in Brussels. Scroll down for some photos of both events. (More in my upcoming zine Same Heartbeats #15!)

I also went to a pretty awesome concert of Year Zero, Hetze, Petrol Girls, and War On Women in Brussels and was especially amazed by the last two bands and their feminist-inspired performance and how they turned the moshpit into a safe space. (The photos I took there were a bit too dark/blurry to share…)

Vort’n Vis in Ieper (BE) – June 1st 2019:

Mothers & Daughters in Brussels (BE) – June 8th 2019:


Wanna buy our stuff? Check out:

News & upcoming events (June – July 2019)


I don’t have a lot of news at the moment except that the Brussels-Hellhole zine that Sister Ray Zines and I are making is making good progress!

You can also read more about recent visits to Ladyfest Maastricht and Swansea Zine Fest on this blog.

By the way, did you already help choose what I should write about in my next mini-zine?


Some events I’ll go to and table at soon:

Feminist Market
Saturday June 8th
at Mothers & Daughters, in Brussels (BE)
Together with some of my band mates, we’ll sell things we make such as soap, jewellery, zines, and postcards
Facebook event

Swindon Zine Fest
Saturday July 27th
at Central Community Centre, in Swindon (UK)
I’ll table with my zines

North West Zine Fest
Sunday July 28th
at People’s History Museum, in Manchester (UK)
I’ll table with my zines

Zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters: some photos

On Saturday June 9th, I did a zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters, the temporary lesbian bar in Brussels. It was a lot of fun and lots of people participated and stayed till the evening to finish up their zines. So nice to see all that creativity! That is why I do such workshops…


If you have the chance to visit Mothers and Daughters still this month, don’t hesitate and don’t miss it! It’s an awesome and unique place that was really needed, judging from the full programme and great and enthusiastic attendence.

Unfortunately it’s only a temporary space but who knows, someone might be inspired and get the idea to start up something new after June… Anyway, I would like to thank the awesome Mothers & Daughters team for inviting me to do my workshop there and supplying us with a lovely space, lots of materials, colourful paper and a copymachine!

Here are some photos of the workshop as well as resources that we discussed during the workshop.

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Zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters on June 9th

Zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters:

Facebook event

**Register via bar@mothersanddaughters.be to secure your spot**

Zines are cheap self-made magazines or booklets that can be made by anyone and about anything. You don’t need any experience or education in journalism or graphic design. The medium of zines is frequently being used by lesbians, feminists and queers as it allows full editorial control and creative freedom, and swapping zines helps build a supportive community. Such zines can be very personal, talking about experiences with lesbophobia, mental illness or sexual violence, they can encourage activism and the distribution of political ideas, share tips and tricks for how to make or do things yourself (for example sewing reusable pads or practicing self-defense) or talk about favourite feminist artists, bands or films. The possibilities are endless!

Would you like to put your ideas into print? Come and participate in this workshop. You’ll be encouraged to use text (poetry, essays, interviews…), collage, drawings, and/or comics to create your very own zine. A photocopy machine is available so zines can be printed and swapped afterwards.

Materials will be provided (but you can always bring your favourite pen or special tools if you want).

Donation / prix libre / vrije bijdrage

Workshop by Nina / ECHO zines:
Nina has been making zines since 2001 and never stopped because she enjoys it so much! To spread the zine love she started giving zine workshops to get other people hooked too. Some of her recent zines include Dirty Lesbian, From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls, and the zine series Same Heartbeats. She also started a facebook group called Feminist Zines Europe and documents the local and less local (feminist) zine scene on her blog.

Bar open for public from 4PM. Come early and check out the results of this workshop alongside a small collection of other queer zines!

Sleater-Kinney concert memories

Old flyer I made, with a drawing of Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss, and someone coloured it in 🙂

I didn’t know anyone who liked or even knew Sleater-Kinney when I went to see them for the very first time in Amsterdam in 2000. It was the year of sexual violence at the renewed Woodstock festivals as well as the beginnings of Ladyfest which started as a reaction to the fact that women could not find a safe space at music festivals. It was also a time when in small Belgian towns you could still find CDs of “obscure” bands like Babes in Toyland, Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney in any random record shop. Internet was still relatively new but it opened a world to images and MP3s of bands that were rarely if ever played on the radio. I already owned Dig Me Out (thanks to one of the random record shops) and bought the newly released All Hands on the Bad One at the concert.

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