Reviving Lost Luna – my one-grrrl-band

Lost Luna is the name I invented for my “one-grrrl-band” or solo music project 20 years ago or so. Ever since I was in my mid/late teens, I wanted to play in a band and write and record songs. But because it took a while to find band mates with a similar musical taste and DIY-attitude (or anyone who lived nearby, played an instrument and wanted to jam at all), I decided to start making music on my own. I’ve since played in a few bands – now in the amazing Lavender Witch – but from time to time I still pick up where I left off with Lost Luna.

Read on for memories from the “early days” and my current plans:

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Lavender Witch in 2020 (album, video, and more)

So you may or may not know that I play guitar and do backing vocals in a band called Lavender Witch since we were founded in 2017. This feminist band is based in Brussels and plays a mix of punk, doomy grunge, indiepop, and 90s alternative rock with feminist, personal, and political lyrics.

Like for every other band, 2020 was a strange year for us. But despite the ongoing pandemic, we still managed to do some fun stuff like play a livestream concert, make a video, and release our debut album Awakening. We also started rehearsing and playing (a few) shows with our new fantastic drummer Nathalie, were interviewed for several alternative media (zines, webmagazines, radio shows, vlogs…), and continued working on new songs.

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Looking for presents to give to friends or family? Here are some ideas…

Normally around this time of the year I would be participating in craft fairs and Christmas markets but that’s not possible due to Covid-19. But then, let’s do a giant online craft fair, right?

If you’re looking for presents to give to friends or family (or yourself) or postcards to surprise them or wish them well, I have some options available for you: original gift ideas hand-made by yours truly including postcards, zines, and music. Take a look at my table: 🙂



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“Awakening” – debut album and zine by Lavender Witch

Hi, my band Lavender Witch is releasing our CD + zine “Awakening” today on bandcamp:!


Brussels-based band Lavender Witch launches their debut album titled “Awakening” today!

Influenced by the riot grrrl movement, grunge, postpunk and female fronted bands, “Awakening” is the missing link between Hole and Bikini Kill. Lyrically and as activists we are inspired by second wave feminism such as the groups WITCH and Lavender Menace as well as by trans-revolutionary, anti-racist, and intersectional feminists of today. Our lyrics address feminist issues such as manspreading, menstruation, and rebellious muses as well as more personal stories of feeling like outsiders or being disrespected in relationships.

For 10 EUR you can get a physical and digital copy of the CD as well as a 24-page zine filled with song lyrics, Q&As and cover art. The digital-only version is available for 7 EUR. You can order directly via our bandcamp page or pm us on facebook.

(“Awakening” will be released on tape very soon too in collaboration with Nosebleed Records!)

You can listen to and order the album at
Contact us via or


Pre-order: “Awakening” – debut album and zine by Lavender Witch

Exciting news from my band Lavender Witch! Our debut album is now available to pre-order (official release date is July 3rd). With the CD comes a 24-page zine filled with an interview, photos, and lyrics (we like to call them spells). Want some feminist fury, witchy punk, passionate powerpop, and dark 90s influenced tunes? Listen to our songs!

Good morning The witches are awakening and adding some magic to your life…

Our first album ‘Awakening’ is ready to be pre-ordered! The official release is the 3rd of July but you can already pre-order it on Bandcamp and discover right away some of our new songs, including ‘Not My Sister’!

Order the CD pack with the zine or the digital version. You can also contact us directly to make the transaction (via email or pm). The CD + zine costs 10 euros and the digital version only is 7 euros.

Today, as on the previous first Fridays of the month, Bandcamp supports bands by waving their share of the sales. So it’s a good moment to support bands and artists!

Thank you and see you soon on a stage near you!

🎵Listen and order here:

More info: Lavender Witch’s website


IZM: my zines, my zine collection and split zine plans

IMG_3481webIn my alternative International Zine Month calendar, I planned to organise my zine collection, take a photo of my own zines and make plans for a split zine this weekend. It was a hot and busy weekend, so I postponed everything till today (Sunday).

As I had to do some cleaning and tidying anyway, organising and tidying my zine collection fitted well. A few days ago, I bought some extra zine folders so I could make more categories… (added “fiction”, “various” and “meta” and made subsections in the feminism and queer categories). I assume this makes only the worst zine geeks happy. 🙂

And my own zines? Here you can see a photo of (almost) all of them:

IMG_3489webA lot of these zines are not available anymore, but I hope to digitalise all of the out-of-print zines some day…

IMG_2524webThen, split zine plans…

I thought and wrote about it before, but I’d like to make it a bit more concrete this month. I think I would like to make a split issue of Same Heartbeats #9 or 10, not invent a new zine. So I’m looking for someone who’d be interested in making the other half of the zine (with their own zine title). It’d be cool if it could be a somewhat feministy zine or zine-maker. Is there anyone out there interested in making a split zine with me? Mail to

IMG_3493webApart from zine stuff and cleaning, my Sunday is/was filled with cutting and folding some freshly printed CD booklets of Vagina Dentata‘s first CD “no more nice girls”. Also visible in the image on the right is the flyer of On The Rag, a feminist and anti-psychiatric concert organised by singer Crustina Dentata during which Vagina Dentata will share the stage with 9 other bands of various genres. This is in September but we plan to have our CD released this month!

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