Ostara – bunny holiday in the bunny year!

Chainsaw Bunny wishes you a beautiful beginning of spring or a cosy autumn depending on where you live! She also wants to let you know that in this Year of the Rabbit, the Season of the Bunny has just begun in the Northern hemisphere because the spring equinox – or Ostara as witches and pagans call it – is very much focused on rabbits and hares, just like Easter!

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20 years of Echo Zines: Same Heartbeats

Here is another piece of Echo Zines herstory, probably the final post in this 20th zine anniversary series (well, we’ll see, the year isn’t over yet). Because I’ve been making zines for 20 years now, I wanted to take a look at what I’ve made and published throughout this time and share some origin stories of my zine project with you. Previously I blogged about Punk Feminist Mini Zine, the first zine I ever made, and about the zine series Flapper Gathering. Now I’d like to talk about another – still ongoing – zine series called Same Heartbeats

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Creativity ritual for Yule & my zine anniversary

It’s the time of Yule and Winter Solstice so I thought it might be a good moment to share a little ritual or spell that I did a few weeks ago. In the last few months I’ve been binge-watching YouTube videos and reading piles of books and zines about witchcraft. I’m not entirely new to all-things-witchy – I have been fascinated with it since I was a teenager and more recently was inspired by my band mates as well as witchy zinester penpals and online friends (thank you! ❤ ). At the moment I’m especially interested in witchcraft that’s related to self-care and creativity but I’m also taking in lots of other witchy information. I’m sure I will continue blogging about it (f.e. sharing some of my favourite videos on this subject, I’ve already shared witchy zines, music, etc) and I’m definitely going to be making several zines about witchery!

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How to celebrate a zine anniversary in a pandemic?

How to celebrate a zineversary or zine anniversary in a pandemic?

Hmmm, honestly I’m not so sure… This summer it’s been 20 years since I put out my very first zine called Punk Feminist Mini Zine and I’ve been wanting to do “something” to celebrate that. In May I wrote down a list of ideas on this blog but some of those ideas seem hard to put into practice at the moment because of the ongoing pandemic (zine residency, zine tour, zine party?) even though I’d very much like to make them happen. I’m also not much of an “organiser” so even in non-covid times I wouldn’t really know how to go about some of my ideas.

But at least I have done some stuff… and plan to do some more:

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20 years of Echo Zines: the Flapper Gathering series

I’m not only celebrating International Zine Month this summer but also my zine anniversary (aka zineversary)! So for today’s prompt “HallowZine! Remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us” I’m going to focus on some of my own ancient out-of-print zines. Let’s dive into my personal zine herstory again and take another look at my oldest zine series…

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Zineversary – 20 years of making zines!

Twenty years ago I made my very first zine… yes, 20 years! That’s a longer period of time than the time before when I didn’t make zines yet! In total I’ve made and printed 60 zines for ECHO Zines so far (just finished making #60 which I will announce on this blog very soon and I’m already working on a few new ones), collaborated on many others, and also released 3 tapes. I don’t mean to boast about these numbers, this is just proof of my long-term and ongoing obsession and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Punk Feminist Mini Zine was the name of my first zine baby. On the cover it says “summer of 2001” but I don’t remember a more specific publishing date or birthday. I’ll post some photos of that zine and other early ECHO publications soon.

So I guess I should do “something” this year or this summer for that zine anniversary? Read on for my current ideas…

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