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Happy Bunny Day!

Happy Bunny Day! For this special day, I’ve gathered all my zines in which Chainsaw Bunny is the cover star! You can see some on the image above and even more below…

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ValenZines and other gifts for friends and lovers

Tis the season to celebrate love and friendship! Of course that doesn’t need to result in buying mass-produced Valentine-themed gifts. I’m all in favour of consuming less and creating and reusing more. So to support that ideal, you can find … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Chainsaw Bunny!

Chainsaw Bunny turns 13 the day after tomorrow, August 25th! A few weeks ago I found old photos of the “birth” of Chainsaw Bunny! The “delivery” took 2 days but she came out as one happy (?) bouncy bunny. She … Continue reading

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ValenZines: zines to give to friends or lovers

So Valentines is coming up and in my opinion that’s an excellent moment to make a zine for someone you love, write a zine about your crush, and/or publish a zine about love, friendship, or relationships. I have a few … Continue reading

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Zines about self-care available from ECHO

ZINES ABOUT SELF-CARE:┬á I love reading zines about self-care and (mental) health. It’s not something that is always easy to talk about but reading and writing such zines can be a way to process your experiences, reach out, find support, … Continue reading

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New mini-zines: Chainsaw Bunny hates everyone + Guitarrr

I made two new mini-zines at the same time! ­čś« Guitarrr: a mini-manual about learning to play guitar (and a bit of bass) Chainsaw Bunny Hates Everyone: a Chainsaw Bunny-themed self-care mini-zine (You can see some work in progress images … Continue reading

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