Ostara – bunny holiday in the bunny year!

Chainsaw Bunny wishes you a beautiful beginning of spring or a cosy autumn depending on where you live! She also wants to let you know that in this Year of the Rabbit, the Season of the Bunny has just begun in the Northern hemisphere because the spring equinox – or Ostara as witches and pagans call it – is very much focused on rabbits and hares, just like Easter!

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Bunny year

Chainsaw Bunny wants to remind you that the Chinese Year of the Rabbit has begun and that this is an excellent moment to spoil, admire, obey, and draw bunnies everywhere even more than you’d otherwise do! I guess this means I’ll have to make some more zines featuring Chainsaw Bunny soon…


The making of… more witch zines! (+ how to get them in avant-premiere)

In the past few weeks I’ve put the finishing touches on some of new zines.  So you can expect an announcement of their release very soon. I’ve mainly been working on a halloween-themed mini-zine featuring Chainsaw Bunny and several issues of Witches’ Brew – because as you know, tis the season. Here you can see some work-in-progress photos and sneak peeks:

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NEW: Wonderful Witch bundles – zines, postcards, stickers, and more!

It’s July 13th and Full Moon… time to send some art magick out into the world! 😀

In the past few months I’ve been busy creating lots of different witch-themed things: zines, postcards, buttons, stickers, bookmarks… I hope you will enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.

UPDATE: these bundles are no longer available but all items are still for sale in my new webshop or by emailing me.

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IZM 2022 week 1 – witchy journal, witchy markets, zine conference, and zine folding

[Isn’t that the cutest Chainsaw Bunny drawing ever? ❤ ]

Are you participating in and enjoying Zine Month and/or #witchyjournalchallenge too? Chainsaw Bunny and I definitely are! 🙂 We love creative challenges!

Here is an overview of all things ziney and witchy I did in the first week of July…

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Ostara altar – Spring Equinox

I’m constantly learning about witchcraft and one thing that I enjoy exploring are cycle/time based rituals such as the Sabbaths or witch/pagan holidays (Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, and so on). Today is such a holiday: the Spring Equinox also known as Ostara. And for this occasion I decided to redecorate my mantelpiece and make an Ostara-centred altar as well as try out a tarot spread and tend to my plants.

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