Echo news overview: what have I been up to (June 2021)

I haven’t done one of these updates in a while but now there are a bunch of things I’d like to share. So this is a list of news and announcements about projects I’ve been involved in lately, going from zine readings, exhibitions, and virtual zine fests to illustrations, podcasts, and music.

Even though the pandemic and semi-lockdown are still going on, I’m lucky to find a lot of options to remain creative and do stuff from home. It’s what gets me through these days and puts a smile on my face (same in non-lockdown times actually – seems like my life hasn’t changed that much). Please stay safe & enjoy reading my Echo “newsletter”:

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Contributions: drawings I’ve made for other zines and projects

I make a lot of zines on my own but sometimes I contribute to other zines as well. I’m also an illustrator so I regularly make illustrations for a variety of projects. I actually have a blog for my drawings but I don’t keep it up to date very well… So instead I’d like to make a list of recent illustrations here (even if just so I don’t forget).

Here are some zines and other projects I’ve recently made drawings for:

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My virtual zine table at Coin-Operated Birthday Zine Fair

The Virtual Birthday Zine Fair by Coin-Operated Press has started and is taking place from May 20th – June 20th. Follow them on instagram or facebook or take a look at their website for all the participating zinesters. Some of my favourite zine friends are tableing!

Here is my zine table:
(Get in touch for questions or to place an order – find the entire catalogue here or take a look at the bundles I have on offer in my Bandcamp shop)

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Marché créatif féministe + Coin Operated Christmas Zine Fair starting this week!

Exciting news: I’m participating in two online zine/craft fairs! There’s the Marché créatif féministe organised by Poisson Sans Bicyclette (last year I tabled at their offline event in Brussels) and the Coin Operated Christmas Zine Fair by Coin Operated Press. Follow them on facebook or instagram to find out about what’s happening and how to buy from the participating zinesters and creators.

What I’m selling:

How to order? Send me an email with the items you’re interested in and your address and I’ll get in touch about how you can pay. Also let me know if you have any questions.

Poisson Sans Bicyclette

This online feminist craft fair started today and will continue until December 16th, so plenty of time to discover and order from a variety or great creators!

Coin Operated Christmas Zine Fair

This virtual zine fair happens in the weekend of December 5th-6th and will introduce a bunch of awesome zinesters and their work.

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