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Self-portrait of 2021

Every year I try to make at least 1 self-portrait so in this blogpost I’m revealing the one I made a few days ago for 2021. Tada! It’s made with black marker (“alcoholstift”) and white gel pen on blue paper. … Continue reading

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Friends who’ve drawn or embroidered Chainsaw Bunny

I’m soooo excited and honoured to share with you these artworks that some of my friends have made of my stuffed bunny and comic zine character Chainsaw Bunny. They all did so spontaneously, I didn’t ask for it, so each … Continue reading

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Contributions: drawings I’ve made for other zines and projects

I make a lot of zines on my own but sometimes I contribute to other zines as well. I’m also an illustrator so I regularly make illustrations for a variety of projects. I actually have a blog for my drawings … Continue reading

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Making a whale zine with Les Voizines

I did a thing! For the first time since lockdown, I participated in an “organised event”. It was outdoors and felt really safe (limited amount of people, space to spread out, alco-gel available, each our own markers/brushes…) and I was … Continue reading

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L7 video for “Fake Friends”

L7 has a new video out for their song “Fake Friends” and it rocks (of course)! The footage includes artwork and photos sent in by fans, including a drawing of Jennifer Finch, their bassist, made by me (at 00:46)! Do … Continue reading

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Inktober 2019 – all of my drawings

Inktober ( = ink drawing challenge taking place in October every year) started off well for me this year. I made drawings for 11 days in a row but then I needed a break. I continued drawing on and off … Continue reading

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Inktober – all my drawings of October 2018

Inktober has been a fun as well as a challenging experience. To have to draw something (in ink) every day of the month October wasn’t always easy but it did give me a sense of accomplishment and pushed me to … Continue reading

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