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Zines about music available from ECHO

When I started out making (fan)zines in 2001, writing about music was a big part of them. Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney featured on the cover of my very first zine called Punk Feminist Mini-Zine (now out of print) and in … Continue reading

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Pedal Power

Over the past few years/months I have developed an increasing fascination for guitar pedals. Especially very recently my collection has grown a lot. At the moment I’ve accumulated up to 11 different pedals! These produce sounds ranging from distortion and … Continue reading

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New mini-zine: Guitarrr #2

GUITARRR #2 – OUT NOW! Guitarrr is a mini-zine or mini-manual filled with tips and tricks for playing guitar or bass. Because I had forgotten to mention some stuff in Guitarrr #1 and I had learned some new things since … Continue reading

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ZineWriMo 2018 – fourth week (playing music, panel discussions and ziiines)

We’re slowly marching towards the end of this year’s Zine Writing Month… The final week has just started. Read all about my ZineWriMo 2018 adventures here. In last Monday’s ZineWriMo post I was talking about music as brainfood and that same … Continue reading

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ZineWriMo 2018 – third week (brain food, creative gatherings and ziiines)

We’ve arrived at the beginning of week 4 and I’m slowly carrying on with the ZineWriMo zines and prompts. Here is a little summary of what I did in week 3: The prompt for Monday (day 12) was to make a fanzine, … Continue reading

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ZineWriMo 2018 – the first week (getting started)

I decided to summarise the progress I’m making on ZineWriMo on a weekly basis instead of posting about it everyday. Gives me more time for actual zine-making… So what did I do in the first week? I wrote and drew … Continue reading

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Zine workshop at Le Garach in Namur (+ autonomous spaces in Belgium)

On October 27th I did a zine workshop for Chocs et Ennui at Le Garach in Namur, a nice creative autonomous space in a garage (hence the name 🙂 ) filled with silkscreened posters, a zine distro (that now includes … Continue reading

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ZineWriMo 2018 – day 1!

Inktober just ended yesterday and today is ZineWriMo day 1! ZineWriMo stands for “zine writing month”, a month dedicated to making zines. I wrote a bit about my plans for November here. According to Sea Green Zines’ list of prompts, … Continue reading

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New mini-zines: Chainsaw Bunny hates everyone + Guitarrr

I made two new mini-zines at the same time! 😮 Guitarrr: a mini-manual about learning to play guitar (and a bit of bass) Chainsaw Bunny Hates Everyone: a Chainsaw Bunny-themed self-care mini-zine (You can see some work in progress images … Continue reading

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