Artjournal about the seasons and sabbats

In the past few weeks I decorated and filled a new journal that is all about the witchy holidays and seasons. The journal contains pages that keep ideas, colours, tools, and symbols for each pagan sabbat. For this project I used an empty artjournal/junkjournal that was made by Meghann And The Moon and I was immensely inspired by the Wheel of the Year mini grimoire by Corregan The Crone.

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Affordable and ecological hand-made gifts

A few days ago was Buy Nothing Day and while I fully encourage buying less stuff any day (certainly when it’s made by eco-system destroying and workers exploiting capitalist companies), you may still want to give presents to friends or family for the holidays or for another occasion. And that can be a nice thing! So why not support some small independent creators this season? But first, if you like creating stuff yourself, go ahead and make your own gifts. Self-made presents are always the most precious and unique! But you can also offer hand-made goodies made by others and at the same time support independent creators. Take a look at our webshops, websites, or social media. Some of us may even be into swaps! My creative project Echo Zines is one such independent art project and I have several gift ideas available for you:

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Autumn equinox – Mabon

In the Northern hemisphere, September 22nd marks the Autumn equinox this year. On that day, daytime is as long as the night. Autumn equinox coincides with the pagan holiday Mabon, the second harvest holiday which indicates feasting, prosperity, and sharing and enjoying food. As the days are getting shorter and colder in this part of the world, I’d personally like to invite reflection, resting, and self-care and community care into my life. September is also the first month of the new school year. Summer holidays are over, so it really feels like saying goodbye in some way. So Mabon / Autumn equinox can mean making space for learning, playing, celebration, abundance, gratitude, and self-love. Read on to find out about my Autumn plans and Mabon altar:

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Summer Solstice (Litha) – music, zines, and witchy ideas

Happy Summer Solstice if you live in the Northern hemisphere! And joyful Winter Solstice if you are in the Southern hemisphere! I’m going to focus this blog post on Summer Solstice because that’s what’s happening where I live but please feel free to share your ideas for what you are celebrating in your part of the world in the comments.

Summer Solstice is when Springtime turns into Summer as well as the longest day of the year. In 2022 that’s June 21st so tomorrow. The Pagan holiday that’s celebrated around that time is called Litha. For this occasion I decided to take a look at what Summer means to me, transform my altar, and share some creative and self-care ideas for this season:

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New postcards – Chainsaw Bunny with cake and home-recording musicians

Just in time for the holidays, I have two new postcards available. Each postcard costs 1 euro (+ postage). Mail me to place an order.

In an earlier post, I shared some ideas of things I’m making and selling for the holiday season. Take a look to see if there’s anything there you might be interested in. It includes zines, postcards, and the album of my band Lavender Witch.

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