IZM 2022 – July is International Zine Month starts today!

Hello and welcome to International Zine Month (IZM) 2022! Are you just as happy and excited as me that July has finally arrived to give us an excuse to do even more zine stuff? 😀

In today’s blogpost I want to set out my plans for this month. Not only do I want to participate as much as possible in IZM but I’m also taking part in the #witchyjournalchallenge. I think those two go together quite nicely. 🙂

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New zine: Scissors & Chainsaws #2 – international zine month diary comic

New comic diary zine made during International Zine Month:

Scissors & Chainsaws #2

Seven years ago I made the first issue of Scissors & Chainsaws*. It was my first self-published diary comic and I enjoyed the creation process a lot. And now it was time for a follow-up…

This second issue documents my life during July 2020: International Zine Month (IZM). With drawings, words, and comics I talk about the zine projects I was engaged in, what the Covid-19 lockdown situation was like where I live in July, my dream house, my friends, street-art I’ve spotted on walks, Chainsaw Bunny, and more.

*The title refers to zines (scissors as an essential tool for zine-making) and to Chainsaw Bunny (the stuffed bunny I made and appaears in my comics and postcards).

36 pages, A5, black/white printed on recycled paper with light-green cover, hand-bound with green cotton yarn

How to order this zine?

Send me an email to place an order or if you have any questions. The zine costs 4 euros + postage.

Other zines you might be interested in:

IZM 2020 round-up – from making zines to shelfies!

International Zine Month (July) has ended about a week ago. Here is a little summary of things I did. I already posted about the first half of the month here. I didn’t do all the things I set out to do but that’s fine.


First of all I read a lot of super interesting and amazing zines!

Then onto the zines that were created during IZM:

I printed copies of the zines Confined #1 and 2 (lockdown diary comic zine in two parts):

I continued drawing the IZM diary comic that I will print and publish as Scissors & Chainsaws #2 soon!

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Zines I’ve read in 2020 (July – IZM)

Hello! Here are all the zines I’ve read during International Zine Month 2020! These include newsletters, perzines, travelzines, musiczines… Inside you can find stories about underrated 90s bands, boxing in antifascist and feminist groups, gentrification, living in the Bay area, autonomous spaces, self-care, Covid-19, teaching in Chicago Public Schools, working and travelling in Italy, and much more. There are so many gems here and I highly recommend checking them out!


Where you can find some of these zines:

If you’re curious about the zines that aren’t listed here, let me know and maybe I can get you in touch with the zinester.

International Zine Month (IZM) 2020 starts today!

IZM aka International Zine Month starts today! Alex Wrekk who invented International Zine Month has designed another brilliant poster with daily activities you can do in July (scroll down to see it) as well as this logo… ->

What are your plans? Will you participate in all the IZM activities? Make your own zine(s)? Read lots of zines? Blog about zines? Buy and swap zines that have been on your wishlist? Write to zinester penpals?

Find out more information on Alex Wrekk’s Stolen Sharpie Revolution website.

Download the poster here: IZM2020Poster

Prompt of the day: “What is a zine?”

For me a zine is not just a self-made and self-published booklet but it is also situated within DIY culture. This means it is non-profit, non-commercial, non-professional, low-budget, and non-competitive. Topics and styles can vary but it’s important that zines remain accessible, both to readers (everyone can afford to buy or trade them) and to writers (everyone can make them). Zines don’t exist as little paper islands but are connected and blossom within a mutually supportive zine community.

My plans for IZM 2020:


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24 Hour Zine Thing gathering: July 16-17th in Ghent, Belgium

FEL + ECHO organise a 24 HOUR ZINE THING Gathering in Ghent on July 16-17th 2014:

clockcolorsmall24 Hour Zine Thing is a challenge to make a zine of 24 pages in 24 hours. You can find the rules/FAQs here. It comes down to doing everything in 24 hours: writing, drawing, layouting, printing, folding, binding…

You can do 24 Hour Zine Thing anywhere in the month of July. Some people in Belgium decided to work on their 24 hour zine together at the same moment and place. We’ll meet at:

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Zine CafĂ©: 24 Hour Zine Thing – 16-17 juli in Gent

FEL + ECHO organiseren een 24 HOUR ZINE THING in Gent op 16-17 juli 2014:

clockcolorsmall24 Hour Zine Thing is een uitdaging die je met jezelf aangaat om in 24 uur een zine van 24 pagina’s te maken. De spelregels vind je hier. Het komt erop neer dat je alles binnen die 24 opeenvolgende uren moet doen: schrijven, tekenen, lay-outen, kopiĂ«ren, plooien en binden/nieten van je zine. Een hele uitdaging, maar ook heel leuk!

24 Hour Zine Thing kan je eender wanneer in de maand juli doen en eender waar. Enkele geĂŻnteresseerden besloten om op hetzelfde moment op dezelfde plek ieder aan hun zine te werken. Waar en wanneer we hebben afgesproken:

  • woensdag-donderdag 16-17 juli: je bent welkom vanaf 14u voor een korte introductie over zines en daarna begint de klok te tikken 🙂 (je mag ook later beginnen)
  • in Gent, op wandelafstand van Sint-Pietersstation (mail naar felfeminisme@gmail.com voor het adres)

Geef ons een seintje als je mee wil doen aan deze zine-marathon of vragen hebt: felfeminisme@gmail.com. Laat ons ook iets weten als je niet aanwezig kan zijn op deze bijeenkomst, maar wel een zine wil maken in 24 uur in juli. We zijn sowieso geĂŻnteresseerd in je zinecreatie!

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