Remember Mawy

My friend Mawy passed away last year. I’d like to show what a kind person and brilliant artist they were. Mawy made a lot of art, posters, comics, zines, silkscreened patches, and was an extremely creative person in every way. It’s important for me to see that they live on in their art and that it still gets shown to the world. That’s why this blogpost shows some of Mawy’s work. I also highly recommend that you visit the exhibition of Mawy’s art in Lille (France) if you can.

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The (witch)craft markets, punk/zine events, and workshops of the past few months

This year I started visiting and participating in craft markets again after a long pandemic pause* and I’m so happy with that possibility. I also gave two zine workshops, in August and in November. As we are approaching the very end of the year, I thought it might be nice to look back on these events and share some photos…

*Of course covid is not gone and people still die from it every day, so please take your responsibility and let’s take care of each other.

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ZineWriMo 2022 part 4 + overview – journaling, snail mail, and an ode to Mawy

Today is the last day of ZineWriMo 2022 (Zine Writing Month) so I’d like to take you along and show you the ziney and arty parts of my life in the last 1,5 week.

First some announcements though… This Saturday December 3rd you can visit the temporary zine library / reading corner at the birthday party of Pardon zine collective at De Koer in Ghent. Some of my zines will be there to read or to buy as well. The next day on Sunday the 4th I’ll be tableing with my zines, postcards, and more at the Go Local winter craft market at Meubelfabriek in Ghent together with Wayfaring Moon Apothecaries. Hope to see you there! (By the way you can also get my zines etc from my webshop).

Now back to ZineWriMo and the creative stuff I did last week:

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Autumn equinox – Mabon

In the Northern hemisphere, September 22nd marks the Autumn equinox this year. On that day, daytime is as long as the night. Autumn equinox coincides with the pagan holiday Mabon, the second harvest holiday which indicates feasting, prosperity, and sharing and enjoying food. As the days are getting shorter and colder in this part of the world, I’d personally like to invite reflection, resting, and self-care and community care into my life. September is also the first month of the new school year. Summer holidays are over, so it really feels like saying goodbye in some way. So Mabon / Autumn equinox can mean making space for learning, playing, celebration, abundance, gratitude, and self-love. Read on to find out about my Autumn plans and Mabon altar:

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Summer Solstice (Litha) – music, zines, and witchy ideas

Happy Summer Solstice if you live in the Northern hemisphere! And joyful Winter Solstice if you are in the Southern hemisphere! I’m going to focus this blog post on Summer Solstice because that’s what’s happening where I live but please feel free to share your ideas for what you are celebrating in your part of the world in the comments.

Summer Solstice is when Springtime turns into Summer as well as the longest day of the year. In 2022 that’s June 21st so tomorrow. The Pagan holiday that’s celebrated around that time is called Litha. For this occasion I decided to take a look at what Summer means to me, transform my altar, and share some creative and self-care ideas for this season:

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