The making of… more witch zines! (+ how to get them in avant-premiere)

In the past few weeks I’ve put the finishing touches on some of new zines.  So you can expect an announcement of their release very soon. I’ve mainly been working on a halloween-themed mini-zine featuring Chainsaw Bunny and several issues of Witches’ Brew – because as you know, tis the season. Here you can see some work-in-progress photos and sneak peeks:

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NEW: Wonderful Witch bundles – zines, postcards, stickers, and more!

It’s July 13th and Full Moon… time to send some art magick out into the world! 😀

In the past few months I’ve been busy creating lots of different witch-themed things: zines, postcards, buttons, stickers, bookmarks… I hope you will enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.

UPDATE: these bundles are no longer available but all items are still for sale in my new webshop or by emailing me.

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20 years of Echo Zines: Same Heartbeats

Here is another piece of Echo Zines herstory, probably the final post in this 20th zine anniversary series (well, we’ll see, the year isn’t over yet). Because I’ve been making zines for 20 years now, I wanted to take a look at what I’ve made and published throughout this time and share some origin stories of my zine project with you. Previously I blogged about Punk Feminist Mini Zine, the first zine I ever made, and about the zine series Flapper Gathering. Now I’d like to talk about another – still ongoing – zine series called Same Heartbeats

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New zines: Confined #3 and #4 – out now!

Confined #3 and #4 are out now!

Two new issues of my lockdown diary comic zine have just rolled out of the printers! With lots of pages full of lockdown stories and reflections, this quaranzine meets comic meets perzine will entertain you during the ongoing pandemic and beyond.

Both issues can be ordered from my Bandcamp webshop (or if you prefer, directly from me).



  • Daily life in the pandemic from August 2020 till February 2021
  • Comics, stories and reflections that mention my stuffed bunny aka room mate Chainsaw Bunny (and her increasing misanthropy), guerrilla gardening, the impact of the pandemic on my band Lavender Witch, surviving the heat wave, going to protests for care workers and for Mawda, being quarantined, things that offered me quarantainment, how to meet friends in lockdown, attending the International Zine Librarian UnConference online, ZineWriMo, music I listened to, (zine) mail I received, the mental impact of the pandemic, and more!
  • Poster to protest the racism of Sinterklaas
  • Collage about introvert privilege
  • Photo album including photos of street-art



  • Daily life in the pandemic from March 2021 till July 2021
  • Comics, stories and reflections that mention the first anniversary of the start of the lockdown in Belgium, International Women’s Day, a covid-scare, the home-recording and release of Lost Luna’s EP “Shadow Play”, meeting friends, synesthesia, the advantages of face masks, how I celebrated my second birthday in lockdown, the ongoing mental impact of the pandemic and things that have helped me, (zine) mail I received, Virtual Swansea Zine Fest, Chainsaw Bunny’s washing machine adventure (or disaster?), visiting an exhibition about music and zines, visiting the Girls Go BOOM Clubhouse and their zine library, recommended podcasts, International Zine Month, getting vaccinated, and more!
  • Interview with multidisciplinary artists Clémentine of MandApunk and Judith Judah and Shei of God Save the Queer about creativity during the pandemic
  • Photo album including photos of street-art


Both zines: A5 size, 32 pages including cover, printed on recycled paper with the cover pages on coloured paper, and hand-tied with red cotton yarn


Quaranzine bundles

If you want to read my entire lockdown comic zine series, I recommend you don’t just get Confined #1-4 but Scissors & Chainsaws #2 as well which fills the gap between Confined #2 and #3.

You can also buy all the zines I made/published between March 2020 and September 2021 as a special “quaranzine bundle” that’s available in my webshop.

All Confined zine and merch orders on Bandcamp receive a digital download of Lost Luna’s “Shadow Play” EP.

Find the zines and the merch (see photos below) in my Bandcamp webshop. More info about the merch and special test prints in this blogpost.



Almost finished: 2 new Confined zines (pre-order will be launched soon!)

3 zines on a table titled Confined part 1, Confined part 2, and Scissors and Chainsaws number 2. Text above the zines says: 2 new issues of my Confined diary comic zine coming soon.

Big news: I’ve finished drawing and scanning all pages of my lockdown diary comic zines aka quaranzines called Confined #3 and #4! Now on to photoshopping, editing, writing the introductions, and laying out the pages… Still a lot of work before I can get to printing and binding…

In these new issues you can find what things were/are like for me during the pandemic (from August 2020 – July 2021), what happened during Chainsaw Bunny’s washing machine adventure, photos of street-art I saw during walks, an interview with two super creative people who share their inspiring thoughts about creating in lockdown, and more.

My plan is to have the zines printed within +/- 1 month. Because it will be quite costly for me to print 2 new zines at once, I’m going to set up a pre-order in my Bandcamp webshop where you can support me and my zine project. I already have some ideas for unique merch, bundles, and fun surprises. 🙂

This lockdown diary comic series started in April 2020 with Confined #1 + #2 and Scissors & Chainsaws #2 (the bridge between Confined #2 and Confined #3 so I guess you could call it Confined #2.5 🙂 ) which are all pictured in the photo above. Those zines will remain available to order but Confined #1 and #2 are currently low in stock so I will reprint them as well (the pre-order will also help me do that).

I’ll keep you up to date on my blog and social media about the progress I’m making with this zine series and when the pre-order will be launched!


Discover my queerest zines! (for Queer Zest Zine Fest)

Hi there! This weekend it’s Queer Zest Zine Fest: a virtual zine fest with queer zinesters showing their creations, workshops, and online meet-ups. Find all info here and also check my little participation announcement poster.

I love to read AND make queer zines. There probably exist queerious vibes in all of my zines but they are most clear and obvious in the zines I’ve listed below. In those zines I write and draw about non-conforming gender expression (and feeling pressure to conform), trying to understand (my) gender, lesbophobia in feminist spaces, queer subculture/events, LGBTQIA+ musicians, hating TERFs and fighting transphobia, exploring and relating to queerness in 80s rock stars… Often these writings are a mix of personal reflections and fandom while trying to find some political meaning in between.

Scroll down to the end of this post to find my ideas for future queer zines… 🙂

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New zine: Same Heartbeats #18

(Don’t) stop the presses! New zine alert!

Same Heartbeats #18 – a new 24-hour-zine

This new issue of Same Heartbeats was created during the 24 hour zine challenge organised by Virtual Swansea Zine Fest 2021 which took place on May 8th. It was an amazing virtual zine weekend and I was very happy to participate and connect with zinesters while we were all working on our publications at home.

(More info about the contents and ordering under the photo)

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