Postcard bundle

As you may have already seen, I created a new postcard for New Year. I have 14 cards in total now which are available as a bundle in my webshop. Of course, if you prefer, you can also buy them directly from me, individually or as a bundle (1 euro per card + postage) by emailing me.

The postcards depict all kinds of subjects such as a feminist protest, witches, reading with cats, a tree house, home-recording musicians, an octopus at a typewriter, and various settings featuring Chainsaw Bunny. Some are focused on the (winter) holidays but most can fit any season or occasion.

FYI: I’ll add a bundle with my upcoming mini-zines and the new postcard in my webshop soon too.

PS: It’s my name day today (Holy Nina, yep) and I love postcards, hint hint. 😉

New postcard: moon trees

Best wishes for 2022!

A bit later than usual, here is my brandnew postcard for the holidays and new year! It was inspired by stargazing during a visit to a witch town in September (I went back this month). I’m fascinated by the moon and the stars and always love drawing winter tree branches (without leaves) which shows on the card. And of course, a cat couldn’t be missing… You can decide which herb is growing on the bottom right of the drawing.

The postcard is available to buy by emailing me. 1 postcard = 1 euro + postage

You can also buy my entire collection of 14 postcards in my webshop. (Find some photos of the postcards here). I will soon present a bundle that includes this card and a bunch of mini-zines if you prefer to wait for that.

If you’re interested in seeing more of certain kinds of zines, blogposts, and/or other creations, you can let me know here or on social media. I’m currently into creating herbal bags/charm bags and oracle cards, so who knows what the future will hold! 🙂

Chainsaw Bunny loves cake and cards

Chainsaw Bunny loves cards and cake! She’s a bit disappointed that the cake is not real though…

I got these postcards printed in the end of 2020 by Zwart op Wit and plan to make new ones soon. Zwart op Wit are producing 100% CO² neutral which is one of the main reasons why I chose to work with them. The “queercore/home-recording” card is printed on ecological cardstock. I wanted to test it and it turned out really great.

Do you want to send a card to a friend, pen pal or family member for a special occasion or just because? Take a look at all of my postcards here.


New postcards – Chainsaw Bunny with cake and home-recording musicians

Just in time for the holidays, I have two new postcards available. Each postcard costs 1 euro (+ postage). Mail me to place an order.

In an earlier post, I shared some ideas of things I’m making and selling for the holiday season. Take a look to see if there’s anything there you might be interested in. It includes zines, postcards, and the album of my band Lavender Witch.

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Looking for presents to give to friends or family? Here are some ideas…

Normally around this time of the year I would be participating in craft fairs and Christmas markets but that’s not possible due to Covid-19. But then, let’s do a giant online craft fair, right?

If you’re looking for presents to give to friends or family (or yourself) or postcards to surprise them or wish them well, I have some options available for you: original gift ideas hand-made by yours truly including postcards, zines, and music. Take a look at my table: 🙂



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Zinester merch: buttons, prints, postcards, lavender bags, bunnies and cats

One of the ways I use to fund my zine-making is by creating and selling other hand-crafted things, such as lavender bags, postcards, and buttons.

I sell them at craft fairs (like Marché Créatif Féministe happening today in Brussels) and sometimes at zine fests and you can order them online by contacting me. The postcards are also for sale at some bookshops and libraries in Belgium and in the UK.

How to buy them:

Mail me to place an order or go to one of the events where I’m tableing.

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Music and merch on Bandcamp

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve put some merch up for sale on Bandcamp. I’m selling a set of ten postcards there and might add zines to the shop in the future. First, I’d like to see how it goes to run an online shop.

On the same Bandcamp page, there’s also an instrumental demo recording of a song called “Off the Road” for you to listen to. I will add more music soon, mostly old recordings of my solo project Lost Luna.


New postcards!

I’m super excited to let you know that I’ve made two new postcards! In time for the winter holidays, but also suitable for birthdays and other occasions. You can send them to your friends and family or keep them for yourself. The feminist postcard is also available as a limited edition silkscreen print.

All cards cost 1 euro/postcard + postage. Mail me to place an order.

I’ve also reprinted the first postcard I ever made in 2014 (apart from one I made at art school ten years before):

Have a look at all of my postcards and prints here:


Postcard season!

Tis the season to write postcards!

And I have some for sale. There are 9 designs:

  • Three witches
  • Chainsaw Bunny fireworks
  • Creating and reading zines
  • Chainsaw ice skating
  • Tree house
  • Collage figures (oldie from my student days! won’t be reprinted – buy while you can)
  • Chainsaw Bunny blanket fort
  • Cats & books
  • Curly wind

Price: 1 postcard = 1 euro (+ postage)

Discount: 10 postcards for 9 euros (+ postage)

Mail me to place an order.


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