Zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters: some photos

On Saturday June 9th, I did a zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters, the temporary lesbian bar in Brussels. It was a lot of fun and lots of people participated and stayed till the evening to finish up their zines. So nice to see all that creativity! That is why I do such workshops…


If you have the chance to visit Mothers and Daughters still this month, don’t hesitate and don’t miss it! It’s an awesome and unique place that was really needed, judging from the full programme and great and enthusiastic attendence.

Unfortunately it’s only a temporary space but who knows, someone might be inspired and get the idea to start up something new after June… Anyway, I would like to thank the awesome Mothers & Daughters team for inviting me to do my workshop there and supplying us with a lovely space, lots of materials, colourful paper and a copymachine!

Here are some photos of the workshop as well as resources that we discussed during the workshop.

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Interesting stuff on the web: zines about making zines

Always wanted to make a zine but don’t know how and where to start? If you can’t catch a zine workshop somewhere, there exist plenty of books on this subject, but also lots of(downloadable) zines that can help you start out.

Doesn’t this prove that zinesters and zine-making are all about encouraging participation and creativity? Yes, zines really are the best! 🙂

  • Igor made a mini-zine in French about making zines called Zineception and you can download it here along with their other zines.
  • Olivia’s Let’s Make a Zine can be downloaded and printed on her blog.
  • Penfight distro has an inspiring zine with ideas of themes about which you can make zines.
  • Cherry Styles of the Salford Zine Library made this zine which is a handy guide for beginners.
  • “How to make this very zine” and other tutorials are available on the website of the Barnard Zine Library
  • My own meta-mini-zines in three languages (English, Dutch, French) can be found here.
  • Added 28/08/2018: Making zines with kids

Probably there’s lots more out there than what I included on this list. Let me know if there’s anything I should add.

Interesting zine stuff on the web

Here are some extremely cool zine projects you should check: resources, games, social media, events, blogs, and more!


  • POC Zine Project: all about people of colour and anti-racist zines and zine projects
  • Grassroots Feminism archives several zine projects
  • This website is quite old, but still so valuable: Grrrl Zines Network
  • A good starting point for finding out about zines is this zine link list (made by Riotmade with love) with a glossary, youtube manuals on how to make mini-zines and websites and literature on zines
  • ZineWiki lists international zine projects and you can add your own!
  • check Feminist Zines Europe for more resources

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