Autumn equinox – Mabon

In the Northern hemisphere, September 22nd marks the Autumn equinox this year. On that day, daytime is as long as the night. Autumn equinox coincides with the pagan holiday Mabon, the second harvest holiday which indicates feasting, prosperity, and sharing and enjoying food. As the days are getting shorter and colder in this part of the world, I’d personally like to invite reflection, resting, and self-care and community care into my life. September is also the first month of the new school year. Summer holidays are over, so it really feels like saying goodbye in some way. So Mabon / Autumn equinox can mean making space for learning, playing, celebration, abundance, gratitude, and self-love. Read on to find out about my Autumn plans and Mabon altar:

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Did you see my new zine bundles?

If you didn’t already see it, my new mini-zines are out! I’ve made a bundle with them and my newest postcard and it’s available in my webshop. The zines discuss my amulet collection and the stories behind them, cosy ideas to fight Autumn blues, where I find joy, bunny witchcraft by Chainsaw Bunny, how to celebrate a zine anniversary, and more, plus there’s a mini-game zine: a queer choose your own adventure!

I also have “spell bags” available in my shop! These home-sewn sachets are filled with lovely-smelling herbs, colourful beads, and magickal sigils, and are meant to encourage your confidence, joy, and power. I’ll soon disclose how I made them! Find them here.

New mini-zines: Witches’ Brew #2 / Queer Quest #1 / Bunny Magick / Do it Yourself Care #3 + 4 / Echotopia #2

I’ve got big news! I’m releasing not just 1 new zine today but 6! These 6 freshly printed mini-zines have been a long work-in-progress that started in the summer. They cover a range of subjects and styles including a choose-your-own-adventure, self-care tips, witchy goodness, Chainsaw Bunny drawings, and a last-minute celebration for my zine anniversary.

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New self-care & feminist activism zine bundles in my webshop!

To do something special for December’s Bandcamp Friday, I assembled two new bundles! These zine/postcard bundles are now available in my Bandcamp webshop.

Self-care bundle

Take a look

Feminist activism bundle

Take a look


These bundles are only available in my Bandcamp webshop. Go to the shop to place an order.

(PS. I can’t promise that they will arrive on time for the winter holidays!)

International Zine Month 2021 – work in progress

How’s zine month going for you? I’ve been enjoying myself so far, reading and making zines, and posting about zine stuff on this blog

I’m skipping today’s official International Zine Month prompt, “write a letter or online post about your IZM2021 experience” (see Stolen Sharpie Revolution), because I will summarise my #IZM2021 experience in a later blogpost.

So instead, I’ll give you some glimpses of the zine projects I’m currently working on:

  • Do it Yourself Care #4
  • Confined #3 and 4
  • New buttons

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All the zines and postcards that I’ve made in 2020

December and January are perfect months to reflect on the recent past and to look back at stuff that happened. In this post I will share all of the ECHO zines and postcards that I’ve made this year.

If you are interested in any of these zines or postcards, or others, get in touch.

Most of the zines shown here were featured in the recent Happy Mail video by Sea Green Zines which you can watch here. ❤

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