Zine bundle upgrade + Lost Luna news

Hi there, how are you?

I have some Lost Luna news to share with you: I’ve upgraded a zine bundle on Bandcamp with a digital download of my latest Lost Luna album “Wish upon a star”, the amazing I Wannabe Yr Grrrl Zine wrote a lovely review of that same album on Instagram, some of its songs have been played on a bunch of podcasts and radioshows, and I’m currently composing new songs on my guitarlele! Read on to find out more…

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DIY: how I record my songs at home

There are so many ways to home-record your own music, from building a mini-studio to simply using your phone to record yourself playing live. In this blogpost I’ll explain how I recorded the 2 EPs/albums of my solo project Lost Luna: “Shadow play” and “Wish upon a star“. I’ll talk about my own experience, using the materials I already owned. It’s not a manual for how music “should be recorded”, or how others do that, and it’s far from professional but it’s good enough for me to create the songs I want to make.


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Song stories on Lost Luna’s “Wish upon a star”

My solo project Lost Luna‘s second album “Wish upon a star” was released 2,5 weeks ago – digital as well as on tape! – so I wanted to give some background information about each of the songs on the album. I added the lyrics of the songs to the Bandcamp page just today. Sharing lyrics is sometimes even scarier than sharing songs…

So, here we go, let’s take a dive into this dark guitar-centred world I’ve created. You can listen while we go over the songs:


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Lost Luna – Wish Upon a Star (new album out now on tape + digital!)

Hi! Today – March 8th or International Women’s Day – is the release date for Lost Luna’s second album “Wish upon a star“! Exciting!! It’s out now on cassette tape and digital via Bandcamp and it’s full of dark lo-fi guitarrr tunes about personal and political themes.

Thanks to the Berlin based tape label Kitchen Leg Records the album is produced on tape. They also designed and created the amazing artwork. ❤ So you can get the tape from them or from me on Bandcamp. If you live in Germany, postage will of course be cheaper if you order it from Kitchen Leg Records.

More info:

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Summer Solstice Playlist

Because Summer Solstice is a moment of change and hope, something we probably all need, I decided to make a little playlist for you to discover some new bands. Even in these scary and strange times, a lot of beautiful music was created and released. These songs gave me the energy, distraction, support, and entertainment I needed in the past 15 months. ❤

Enjoy listening!

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Lost Luna’s Shadow Play EP out now!

I’m excited to announce that “Shadow Play“, the debut EP of my solo project Lost Luna is out and available to listen to or download now!

Today, April 2nd 2021, Lost Luna releases its first EP “Shadow Play”. Home-recorded during the covid-19 lockdown and completely DIY in every sense of the word, the EP offers a mix of lo-fi discopunk and alternative rock songs about the beauty industry, racism during the pandemic, and feeling alienated at work.
Shadow Play” is available on Bandcamp to listen to for free and as a digital download. There are also merch bundles including zines, postcards, and buttons for sale.

I’ve put together two merch bundles for the “Shadow Play” album that also include a digital download of the songs. Both bundles contain 3 mini-zines especially made for this release: one with the lyrics and song stories, one about being a musician during the pandemic and reclaiming space in a cismale-dominated world, and one about some of the musicians and bands who’ve been inspiring and influencing me to make this EP. The deluxe merch bundle contains additional mini-zines about playing guitar, finding creative  inspiration, and what I like about zines.

The 4 buttons that are included in the merch bundles betray some of my main inspirations: queercore, riot grrrl, and mixtapes. And then there’s one with the Lost Luna logo of course.

Finally, a home-recording-themed postcard is included in each bundle and 4 extra postcards featured my artwork are part of the deluxe bundle. The postcards are also for sale separately.

Enjoy listening! ❤

One year since confinement – crafty projects as a means of survival

It’s almost exactly one year ago that the covid-19 pandemic started being taken seriously where I live and that a (semi)lockdown was instated. So it’s a good moment to reflect on that past year. A scary year, a difficult year for most people, with a lot of loss, loneliness, fear, frustrations, sadness, anger, and grief, and some beautiful moments in between. I’m happy I decided to start drawing about what things were like more or less since the beginning because I tend to forget things so fast, like everyone else probably. So much has happened and so much has changed since then. It’s important to document this time for so many reasons. That’s why the “quaranzines” that were made all over the world are so valuable.

In this blogpost I want to focus on one of the positive things that happened to me during the past year: the crafty projects I created in the early days of confinement. Somehow I got really busy and energetic in the first few weeks/months of staying at home. Partly it might have been the stress of the whole virus and lockdown situation. I couldn’t sit still and just relax, I had to keep doing things. Even watching tv shows and films was hard – no worries, I’m back to normal binge-watching mode now 🙂 … In those first weeks and months I started writing several songs and worked on several of my own (quaran)zines as well as contributed to compzines (compilation zines: zines with contributions by several people) about the corona virus (I’ll write more about that in an upcoming blogpost). I also created fabric panels or curtains for some shelves in my living room, made face masks, and sewed patches on clothes. Finally, a bit later on, I made my own oracle card set. I’m so lucky that my body and mind reacted in this way in this scary, stressful, and sad time.

Read on to find out more:

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Music I’ve enjoyed in 2020

Music can be magic sometimes. I’ve bought and listened to a lot of new music in 2020. Because it made me feel good, because I spent more time at home, because it offered a wonderful kind of distraction, because of the Bandcamp Fridays, because it gave me inspiration to continue working on my own songs (and those of Lavender Witch) at home, because the lyrics gave me something to relate to, because there are so many awesome bands and artists out there, because my CD player and youtube playlists filled the void of missing out on live concerts…

Here are some bands whose albums and songs (and sometimes livestreams) I’ve listened to repeatedly in 2020. Some of them released new music in 2020, some of them I (re)discovered them last year, and all of them I will keep listening to in the future. I highly recommend you to check them out.

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