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Some work-in-progress projects

I’ve had a long creative weekend, which I used to do a bunch of things including finishing the master copy of “This Bunny Kills Fascists“, a mini-zine featuring Chainsaw Bunny. You can see some of the work-in-progress in the photos … Continue reading

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IZM2019 – soundtrack

I made a soundtrack/playlist for International Zine Month 2019! It wasn’t part of the official prompts but I just felt like it. The playlist contains mainly music I’ve been listening to a lot lately as well as songs about zines … Continue reading

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Lavender Witch – news, music, videos, concert dates

    Lavender Witch As you may or may not know, I play guitar in a band called Lavender Witch since October which I’m enjoying A LOT. We recorded some songs – Malicious Muse and Disturb the Peace – that … Continue reading

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Vagina Dentata – teaser for upcoming demo “No More Nice Girls”

My band Vagina Dentata just recorded their very first demo! It will be called “No More Nice Girls”. Without too many bite marks, we managed to record 7 songs, including “women and psychiatry”. You can listen to “women and psychiatry” … Continue reading

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New Vagina Dentata rehearsal recordings on youtube

Vagina Dentata filmed some new songs recently. Listen to us here: Watch our other videos and songs on youtube.

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