Zines I’ve read in 2022 (May)

Welcome to my monthly zine recommendations aka the list of zines I read in the past month! This time I found reading pleasure in publications about gardening, Star Trek, mental health, witchery, the pandemic, and more…

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New zine: Same Heartbeats #4

Same Heartbeats #4 is out!

Same Heartbeats is a feminist zine, self-published by ECHO, written in English. In this issue you can discover articles and drawings about:

  • Revolution, activism and strategy
  • Feminist music and festivals
  • Dolle Mina
  • Is post-modern queer-feminism elitist?
  • Take Back The Night / Heksennacht
  • Body hair

With lino-stamped cover!

Price: 2 euros + postage

email: loseluna(at)yahoo.co.uk
web: http://echoproject.110mb.com/
blog: https://echopublishing.wordpress.com

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