Witchy places in my city – part I

Something I’ve learned and appreciated since the March 2020 lockdown is exploring my own city, Ghent (in belgium). I’ve walked in so many parks, streets, and neighbourhoods, took so many photos, discovered hidden spots, and enjoyed being a tourist close to home. And I intend to continue doing so. On my walks I’ve noticed and embraced the magick of these green spaces: from witchy trees to portals and from deserted gardens to cat friends. Here, I’ll show you some of that magick, follow my lead…

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Some photos of Swindon Zine Fest & North West Zine Fest 2019

Last weekend I travelled to Swindon Zine Fest and North West Zine Fest together with Jessica of ESCzine. Both zine fests were a lot of fun and I was so happy to be there: lovely people, nice atmosphere, great zines, interesting locations, cool workshops (at NWZF)…

Swindon Zine Fest was organised at the Central Community Center. It was the first time I ever visited Swindon and apparantly it’s known to be the “railway town”. The zine fest offered lots of awesome zines and delicious cakes (mmmm lemon drizzle!!). Jessica and I had our shared table in the middle of the room as you can see on the photo. It was so nice to see some zinesters I had met at Swansea Zine Fest again like Kirsty, Cath, Morgan, and Phoebe, and also to meet Russell of Lunchtime for the Wild Youth for the first time. We had some adventures getting to Swindon and to the fest but you’ll have to wait to read about it in Same Heartbeats #16… 🙂 (Hopefully out in autumn or early winter so be patient). For now, have a look at some photos of the zine fest:

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IZM2019 – zine fests, library, shop and new zine

Today is/was the last day of International Zine Month… I’ve been quite busy this past week so this is a short summary of all the zine-related things I managed to do:

  • Go to the local copy shop to print Same Heartbeats #15 during the worst day of the recent heat wave. I’m still in the process of folding and binding the zines but I’ll announce on this blog when they are all done and for sale. I also read quite a few zines (it was about the only thing I managed to do during this horrible heat wave).

  • Visit and table at Swindon Zine Fest and North West Zine Fest – both in the UK – last weekend. I shared a table with ESCzine which was super fun! It was also great to meet so many zine friends and zinesters who’s zines I’ve long admired (again)!

  • While I was in the UK, I visited the Salford Zine Library in Manchester as well as the bookshop Housmans who sell a lot of zines (and who bought some of mine) – that last place together with friends while brainstorming future zine plans…

It was an awesome 7 days (well, not the heat wave, but the rest of it). I’ll post more photos and stories of the zine fests soon! And of course you’ll be able to read about all my zine adventures in more detail in the next Same Heartbeats zine (#16).

So all in all I’ve enjoyed this zine month, doing some fun and creative things and not really stressing about completing all the prompts. And I’ll just continue reading and making zines in August…

How was your IZM?

Swansea Zine Fest and Bristol – some photos of my trip to the UK

I recently went to Swansea Zine Fest in Wales followed by a short trip to Bristol and I would like to share some photos of my trip:

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Swansea is situated – you guessed it- by the sea, so I had a nice long walk along the beach there on the evening of my arrival.

The zine fest was amazing with a big focus on perzines and zines made by queers and women. I had the chance to complete some of the perzine series that I’ve been enjoying in the past and also sold (and especially traded) quite well at my own zine table. I went home with a huge stash of fresh reading materials…

Read on to see more photos and stories:

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Zine trip to the UK – photos

Mid September I travelled to Manchester/Leeds and passed through London. I wanted to go to the UK because Leeds Zine Fair (facebook) was happening on September 15th so I planned a little trip around it.

I arrived with the Eurostar in London on Thursday September 13th and then took the train to Manchester. I love trains and hate airplanes so my whole trip was by train. When booked in advance as I did, it is probably as cheap as going by plane, so yay trains!

Here are some photos from my trip:

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London and Brighton visit – some photos

Some photos and memories from a trip to London and Brighton in February:

On a recent visit to the UK, I went to an exhibition at the London College of Communication about feminist zines called “The Gaze” together with a friend who’s into zines too. The zines were presented in a very original way as you can see. The stairs/stages allowed and encouraged visitors to sit on them and start reading the zines that were exhibited. The focus was on Latin American zines but there were zines from other places too.

Afterwards we visited the infoshop/bookshop of 56a. Happy to discover this place!

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