Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part II

Bored? Tired? Try some witchery! Here are 6 YouTube videos about witchy stuff that I think are interesting to check out. The videos delve into the anti-capitalist ideas behind May Day, tarot card decks that fit for each star sign, names for the full moons, music as a form of magic, where to find witchy vintage images online, and pop culture pantheons. Enjoy!

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International Zine Month 2021 – youtube zinesters

Bored? Tired? Try watching some zine-related YouTube channels today! Stolen Sharpie Revolution says:

“Check out YouTube channels about zines- here are some to visit!

Some YouTube channels that I enjoy watching:

There’s also a video series of zine readings that the LCC Zine Library curated for International Zine Month: Voices from the Underground. They’re adding a new video every week of July but the names of all the zinesters are already known. I still have to watch them but I’m very excited about it because two of them are among my favourite zinesters and another one is a new zinester to discover (and oh, yours truly is part of it as well).

Can you recommend other YouTube channels about zines?

By the way, in an older blogpost I compiled a list of zine-focused podcasts that contains some vlogs as well. Check it out for more zinetertainment and enjoy today’s International Zine Month prompt! ❤

Summer Solstice Playlist

Because Summer Solstice is a moment of change and hope, something we probably all need, I decided to make a little playlist for you to discover some new bands. Even in these scary and strange times, a lot of beautiful music was created and released. These songs gave me the energy, distraction, support, and entertainment I needed in the past 15 months. ❤

Enjoy listening!

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Lavender Witch in 2020 (album, video, and more)

So you may or may not know that I play guitar and do backing vocals in a band called Lavender Witch since we were founded in 2017. This feminist band is based in Brussels and plays a mix of punk, doomy grunge, indiepop, and 90s alternative rock with feminist, personal, and political lyrics.

Like for every other band, 2020 was a strange year for us. But despite the ongoing pandemic, we still managed to do some fun stuff like play a livestream concert, make a video, and release our debut album Awakening. We also started rehearsing and playing (a few) shows with our new fantastic drummer Nathalie, were interviewed for several alternative media (zines, webmagazines, radio shows, vlogs…), and continued working on new songs.

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L7 video for “Fake Friends”

L7 has a new video out for their song “Fake Friends” and it rocks (of course)!

The footage includes artwork and photos sent in by fans, including a drawing of Jennifer Finch, their bassist, made by me (at 00:46)! Do you know in which zine and issue that drawing first appeared?

Some day I really need to make a fanzine about L7 but for now I’m working on a diary comic zine with lots of references to this great band… 🙂 More news about that soon! For now, let’s do some bedroom dancing to L7’s video:


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