ZineWriMo 2022 part 2 – zine tools, workshop, grimoire, and how to support zinesters

Week 2 of ZineWriMo 2022 (Zine Writing Month) is almost over so here are some ziney and crafty things I did in the past 7 days: taking photos of my zine tools, teaching a feminist zine workshop, and working on my new art grimoire.

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Lost Luna – Wish Upon a Star (new album out now on tape + digital!)

Hi! Today – March 8th or International Women’s Day – is the release date for Lost Luna’s second album “Wish upon a star“! Exciting!! It’s out now on cassette tape and digital via Bandcamp and it’s full of dark lo-fi guitarrr tunes about personal and political themes.

Thanks to the Berlin based tape label Kitchen Leg Records the album is produced on tape. They also designed and created the amazing artwork. ❤ So you can get the tape from them or from me on Bandcamp. If you live in Germany, postage will of course be cheaper if you order it from Kitchen Leg Records.

More info:

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Zines and postcards for International Women’s Day

Forget giving flowers or jewellery on Women’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate, remember, and plot feminist struggles after all! It’s a day to go on strike, organise, and educate yourself and others. And why not a day to read feminist zines and send postcards?

By the way, for March 8th I have some news to share about my solo music project Lost Luna too… Read on:

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Zine workshop at Veelzijdig

logo-darkAt a women’s day event in Leuven called VeelZIJdig I will host a free ongoing zine workshop on March 6th and 7th, each day from 10:00 till 18:00. It will take place in a tent right next to the train station. So come whenever you want and participate in creating a big collective zine or make your own zine!

zineFrom the website of VeelZIJdig:

“Een zine is een magazine dat je zelf samenstelt. Zoek leuke afbeeldingen, slogans en teksten in tijdschriften (of bedenk ze zelf) en maak je eigen boekje met het nodige knip- en plakwerk. Op VeelZIJdig kun je aan de slag met thema’s rond vrouwelijkheid, beeldvorming, feminisme, identiteit, lichamelijkheid, seksualiteit … Nina helpt je op weg.”

You’ll be able to buy or swap some ECHO zines too!

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