Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 10

This month’s WitchTube video selection takes you on a journey to TarotTube: the videos I’ve selected offer interesting – to me and hopefully to you too – content on tarot and oracle cards. Let’s take a look:

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Februstitchery – the magick of stitchcraft

Today is the last day of Februstitchery, my self-imposed creative challenge! 😮 But I’ve still got many stitchcraft projects I want to start or finish so I’ll probably continue for at least a few more weeks* while I participate in Mini Zine March at the same time… Oh my, it’s gonna be a busy month with International Women’s Day and an upcoming anarchist zine workshop as well!

*There probably already exist a few suitable craft challenges in March too – #MeMadeMarch? #HandMadeMarch? 🙂

Anyway, in this blogpost I’d like to talk about the witchy possibilities of crafts and share some podcasts and publications that have inspired me…

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Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 8

This month I’d like to share a lot of awesome witchy YouTube videos about Winter Solstice (for the Northern hemisphere), the end of the year + the new year, and self-care during the holidays and season. I’ve selected videos with journal ideas, tarot spreads, crafts, folklore traditions, recipes, tips for dealing with the pressure of Christmas, and more. Enjoy!

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Moon Magick

This month I’d like to blog even more about witchy stuff than usual because, you know, it’s the Season of the Witch. This post will talk about moon magick because soon (tomorrow night) the full moon is upon us. But other moments in the moon’s cycle can be interesting too, and I’ll show you why…

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