24 hour zines at Girls Go Boom Clubhouse + new zine: Dirty Lesbian!

One and a half month ago (sorry for the delay in reporting on this), in a youth centre/basement/venue called PLEK in Ghent, while listening to a mix of Team Dresch and the Cardigans, a bunch of zinesters and curious creatives got together to try to make zines in 24 hours

The event was a collaboration between Girls Go BOOM and ECHO. As part of their month-long residence at PLEK, Girls Go BOOM offered space for a creative zine gathering during which participants could create their own zine. This resulted in the birth of several amazing zines (some finished later). It was a great occasion to see the medium of zines spread even more in the local punk-feminist scene.

The zine I made during the 24 Hour Zine Thing event is called Dirty Lesbian. It’s about lesbophobia (even within some feminist scenes), reclaiming lesbian-feminism, cool dyke heroines / musicians / comics / zines, like & hate lists, and more. It’s at the same time an angry and a silly zine.

Dirty Lesbian features Chainsaw Bunny on the cover, and consists of lots of collages, a comic, and hand-written text.


Dirty Lesbian is A6-size, 32 pages, lavender-coloured cover, recycled paper inside and lavender-coloured mini-poster.

It costs 1 euro + postage or (preferably) trade with similar zine. Mail me for a trade/order.

[I no longer sell this zine to cis men!]


Ladyfest Maastricht zine

Ladyfest Maastricht took place on May 6-7th 2017 in the Netherlands and in those two days, Megan and I gave a zine workshop during which a collaborative zine was made by all participants. We enjoyed the experience a lot and were so happy and proud with all the creativity and enthusiasm that found its way in the zine!

The zine has now been digitised and is free to download and print! It is a full-colour zine in A5 format, you can “print as book” to get the pages in the right order and choose to print it in colour or black and white (both should look fine) or you can just read it on your screen of course.

Download the Ladyfest Maastricht zine. Enjoy reading!


Same Heartbeats #11 – out now!

Just in time for the local zine fair season (Zine Happening on April 8-9th and Alternatieve Boekenbeurs on the 22nd), Same Heartbeats #11 is out!

This issue contains:

  • Interviews with queer-feminist zinesters living in Belgium
  • Reports on feminist events (F-word, Elles Tournent, Voix Queer, Take Back the Night)
  • Thoughts on doing research about zines, feeling tired, and my new home
  • Some little chainsaw bunny drawings

Same Heartbeats #11 is:

A5-sized, 36 pages, recycled paper, bound with colourful yarn.

Buy for 2 euros or suggest a trade (I’m very interested in swapping with other feminist zines!)! Distros: please get in touch!
Mail to: flapper_grrrl(a)yahoo.co.uk

For more zines or other issues of Same Heartbeats, check my zine catalogue.

Feminist Activist Mini-Zine – new mini-zine

This mini-zine about feminist activism was made for Mini-Zine March 2017. It gives you ideas for actions, setting up a group, and participating in the feminist movement as a cisman, and contains a map of feminist projects to join or for inspiration.

Download and print the mini-zine here.
I decided to remove the download link because this zine is slightly outdated now. You can still buy it from me for only 50 eurocents + the price of a stamp though!

The original pdf is in full colour but you can print it in black & white as I did and choose a coloured paper (I chose lavender).

  • Folding instructions can be found here.
  • More mini-zines can be found and downloaded here.

Feedback always welcome!

Take care when engaging in any type of activism and let’s surf this feminist wave!


Same Heartbeats #10 out now! – anniversary issue zine

shb10web1New zine: Same Heartbeats #10

Happy to announce… the 10th issue of Same Heartbeats! I’ve been making his DIY feminist personal-political zine for about a decade, releasing an issue almost yearly, and it continues to document the local and less local DIY feminist scene, things that are on my mind, and much more.

Same Heartbeats #10 features plenty of articles and artwork, is decorated with a self-made heart-shaped lino stamp print on the cover and it includes an extra full-colour mini-zine all about Chainsaw Bunny!

Contents of this issue:

  • Writings on age, archiving memories, “copyshop disasters”, and Brussels
  • DIY: learn how to DJ
  • Interview with Fliss of the amazing Athemaura zine
  • The Zine Test
  • Reports on feminist/queer/diy/zine events
  • Comics
  • + more

shb10web2Buy all this for only 2 euros + shipping! Mail me at flapper_grrrl@yahoo.co.uk to order the zine!

(You can pay by paypal, bank transfer, or very well-hidden cash – I have another email address for paypal!! Zine trades accepted too!)



In Movement – 24 hour zine out now!

inmovementweb1New zine: In Movement

This summer, on August 20-21, friends and I organised another 24 hour zine event in Gent during which I made In Movement (with some finishing touches afterwards). In Movement is a 32-page pocket-size perzine about moving and finding a home. In it you can find stories about all the places I’ve ever lived in, my struggle to find an affordable apartment in Gent, tips for moving and living on your own, reviews of zines about moving, and more. The cover features a blue stamp and the zine is tied with blue yarn.

inmovementweb2In Movement is my fourth 24 hour zine because it was made in 24 hours (or more or less 🙂 ). Yay! For my other 24 hour zines – CuNt & Paste, Space Invasion, and Letter Soup – take a look at my zine catalogue.

I’m releasing the 10th issue of my zine Same Heartbeats at the same time.

Buy In Movement for 1 euro + shipping, mail me at flapper_grrrl@yahoo.co.uk.
(You can pay by paypal, bank transfer, or very well-hidden cash – I have another email address for paypal!! Zine trades accepted too!)


New zine – Same Heartbeats #9 / Artificial Womb special issue (split zine!)

bunnyreadingartwombshb9webI’m proud to announce the new zine:

Artificial Womb ALFA / Same Heartbeats #9

Here it is, the first split zine I ever participated in! For this zine, I collaborated with Ana Hine, who’s based in Scotland and who runs the feminist arts zine Artificial Womb. She made a special personal edition of her zine and I delivered half of the pages as Same Heartbeats #9.

artwombshbinsidewebIn my half of the zine, you’ll find:

  • reports on zine-related events
  • going to see L7 in Paris
  • a short introduction to my band Vagina Dentata
  • a new comic featuring Chainsaw Bunny
  • a report on F-Word, the feminist DIY festival in Amsterdam

artwombshbcoverswebIn Ana’s half you’ll find:

  • comics (illustrated by Alfie Pound) about her job as her struggle working as a tabloid journalist and recovering from a mental breakdown after leaving that job
  • thoughts on relationships and marriage
  • an interview with Alfie on how he quit his job to become an artist

shbartwombtitleswebSo you get 2 zines for the price of one! 🙂

It’s a total of 32 pages, A5 format, printed on recycled paper and tied with lilac cotton yarn.

Curious to know more about Ana and my colaboration? Read more about the making of of this split zine.

artwombshb9bunnywebHow to buy a zine?

1 zine costs 2 euros (postage not included)
Mail to flapper_grrrl@yahoo.co.uk
I have paypal (with another e-mailadres) and I accept zine trades too!

Distros, get in touch too!


Next month, Artificial Womb ALFA / Same Heartbeats #9 will also be available from Artificial Womb distro.

Thanks for the collaboration, Ana!!


Same Heartbeats #9 – making of a split zine

IMG_5184webSo Same Heartbeats #9 is almost finished and as you may or may not know, it’s going to be a split zine! I’m making this zine together with Ana Hine, who runs the fantastic feminist arts zine Artificial Womb. Check out her previous issues, you’ll love it!

Because Ana and I hadn’t decided yet who would make the final pdf in InDesign, I started drawing and writing mostly on paper. So then it would be easier to scan and send digital images of each page. I admit that I also just enjoy doing a lot of zine artwork by hand. Here you can see some drawings in progress and also the editing in photoshop.

Continue reading “Same Heartbeats #9 – making of a split zine”

reprint of Echotopia – now available

IMG_2533webNew copies of compilation zine Echotopia!

I did another print-run of Echotopia, a collection of writings, comics and drawings taken from zines I published between 2001 and 2011. The zine has been out of print for a while and I thought it was time for a reprint.

The cover of the reprint of Echotopia has a slightly different shade of recycled light orange-pink, but otherwise the content and layout has stayed the same. The zine contains articles and comics about a wide range of topics including squats, gender identity, beauty standards, zines, street harassment and more. It is a sort of best of of all the zines I wrote from 2001 till 2011. This includes my very first (mini) zine Punk Feminist Mini Zine! But there are fragments taken from out of print zines such as Flapper Gathering, Radix and some early issues of Same Heartbeats too. I think you can clearly see how my style evolves, especially my drawing and layout style, but probably the writing too. Still, I like to say that the issues that are addressed in Echotopia remain extremely relevant and I’m quite proud about how it turned out.

IMG_1650webWould you like a copy? Mail to: flapper@yahoo.co.uk
1 zine costs 2 euros + postage
Available for zine trades and distros

More info
Read a review
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