Third edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing was fun again!


From March 20th till 21st a bunch of zine-makers participated in 24 Hour Zine Thing again, this time in Brussels. 8 new zines were born! And in the evening of the 21st some of us partied at the Sleater-Kinney show in Antwerp. What an excellent way to close a creative day of work!


You’ll soon find more info on this blog about the 24h zines that were made. And you’ll be able to buy several of them at the Zine Happening in Ghent in a few weeks too!


On to the next edition? This will probably be in July again (= international zine month!).



  • clockcolorsmallThe 3rd edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing in Belgium will be happening in February or March! More info soon… Let us know if you want to participate and make your own zines in 24 hours! Write to flapper_grrrl(at)
  • My zine Same Heartbeats #8 is going to be finished around that time too… still a lot of work, but we’ll get there…
  • On February 22nd you can find my zines and crafts (bookmarks, cuddle-cats, buttons…) at Let’s LousART, a craft fair in Ghent. Come and say hello!
  • On March 6th and 7th I will give an ongoing zine workshop in Leuven at the feminist event VeelZIJdig. You can participate by making one or more pages for a big collective zine or by making your own zine.
  • Upcoming zine fests: VoiZines in Ghent on April 11-12, Alternatieve Boekenbeurs in Ghent on April 18th, Mini Queer Zine Fest in Berlin also on April 18th… (more dates here). ECHO zines will be for sale (and trade) at the zine fest in Ghent and maybe at the one in Berlin.
by VoiZines
by VoiZines

Second edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing in Gent!

Because we had such fun the first time we made our zines together during 24 hours in July, we decided to organise another edition of 24HZT in Gent and not wait another year!

When? Friday and Saturday October 24-25th 2014 starting at 4 pm

Where? a living room in the centre of Gent, in Belgium

clockcolorsmallWhat? 24 Hour Zine Thing is an activity anyone can organise or participate in. You can do it on your own at home or together with friends (which is what we are doing). The idea is that everyone makes a zine in 24 hours.
On October 24th and 25th we’re getting together in a living room to work together and make our zines. Then we’ll try to get them printed anc copied within the 24 hours.

Mail to flapper_grrrl(at)  for more info or if you’d like to participate.

Info and photos about the first edition. Official website of 24 Hour Zine Thing (normally it’s in July, but we can bend that rule a little 😉 ).

24 Hour Zine Day @Ghent + International Zine Month: day 15-20

24 Hour Zine Thing:

On July 16th-July 17th some people got together in Ghent to make a 24-page-zine in 24 hours. And we all succeeded! Here are some photos of our creative zine gathering:




And the zines we made:


International Zine Month activities of the past week:

JULY 15 – Leave a zine in public for someone else to find: leave your zine at a bus stop, bathroom, waiting room, or anywhere else someone will find it!

JULY 16 – Send your zine to a distro for consideration

JULY 17 – Review a zine online or write a review to share

(I wrote about zines in my 24-hour-zine)

JULY 18 – Order from a different zine distro than usual

JULY 19 – Zine Shop appreciation day! Try to find a local shop that sells zine or see if you can get a local store to stock zines!

JULY 20 – Free Zine Day! Give your zine away to someone.

Zine Café: 24 Hour Zine Thing – 16-17 juli in Gent

FEL + ECHO organiseren een 24 HOUR ZINE THING in Gent op 16-17 juli 2014:

clockcolorsmall24 Hour Zine Thing is een uitdaging die je met jezelf aangaat om in 24 uur een zine van 24 pagina’s te maken. De spelregels vind je hier. Het komt erop neer dat je alles binnen die 24 opeenvolgende uren moet doen: schrijven, tekenen, lay-outen, kopiëren, plooien en binden/nieten van je zine. Een hele uitdaging, maar ook heel leuk!

24 Hour Zine Thing kan je eender wanneer in de maand juli doen en eender waar. Enkele geïnteresseerden besloten om op hetzelfde moment op dezelfde plek ieder aan hun zine te werken. Waar en wanneer we hebben afgesproken:

  • woensdag-donderdag 16-17 juli: je bent welkom vanaf 14u voor een korte introductie over zines en daarna begint de klok te tikken 🙂 (je mag ook later beginnen)
  • in Gent, op wandelafstand van Sint-Pietersstation (mail naar voor het adres)

Geef ons een seintje als je mee wil doen aan deze zine-marathon of vragen hebt: Laat ons ook iets weten als je niet aanwezig kan zijn op deze bijeenkomst, maar wel een zine wil maken in 24 uur in juli. We zijn sowieso geïnteresseerd in je zinecreatie!

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