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News & updates (February 2018)

NEWS My next “24 hour zine” is almost finished and printed… It was made during the 24 Hour Zine event co-organised by Girls Go BOOM at PLEK in Ghent. At the same time I’m slowly working on a mini-zine about … Continue reading

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News & events

Got some news and upcoming events for you! NEWS Same Heartbeats #12 is finished! More info here and order it by mailing to flapper_grrrl@yahoo.co.uk. I’m working on a mini-zine on self-care and a DIY tourist zine about Brussels but don’t know yet when they … Continue reading

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Interesting stuff on the web: DIY events

You’re bored and don’t know what to do or where to go? Check these DIY event websites: Zine nation: lists zine fests and other zine events worldwide! Autonomous Art School: website that announces free art and community events in the UK … Continue reading

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News: Autumn updates & events

NEWS Looking for local zine scene reports! Looking for recommendations of DIY/activist/alternative places for a DIY Brussels tourist mini-zine I’d like to make. Write any recommendations in the comments or mail to: flapper_grrrl(at)yahoo.co.uk. Still working on Same Heartbeats #12 but … Continue reading

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24 hour zine event – August 20-21 in Gent

When? August 20-21, Saturday- Sunday Start: 15:00 (but you can start later too) till around 17:00 the next day (but you can finish earlier or a bit later too) Where? Gent The next 24 hour zine event will take place … Continue reading

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International Zine Month – some news

International Zine Month has officially started today! Hurray! It’s a good excuse to do some extra ziney stuff. There’s no calendar of suggested activities like the last few years, so I’ll just invent my own. To start, I’m sending out … Continue reading

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Photo report – Zine Afternoon in Putney Library

Saturday May 7th 2016 at Putney public library in London: Fliss of Athemaura zine and the SWZines collective organised a zine afternoon in the Putney libary (in the south west of London) on May 7th. Fliss has been making zines … Continue reading

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