IZM 2022 – week 4 + round-up

Today is the last day of IZM aka International Zine Month. What have you been doing this month? Have you started new creative projects? Finished and printed a zine? Wrote in your journal? Visited a zine library? Read self-published comics? Rested to recharge your battery?

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International Zine Month 2021 – zine library day

Today is Zine Library Day, part of International Zine Month! Stolen Sharpie Revolution says:

Zine Library Day! Search for a zine library in your area and make plans to go someday or contact them about how to include your zine in their collection.”

For this occasion I’d like to talk about the zine library of the Girls Go BOOM Clubhouse in Ghent (Belgium), the only zine library I’ve visited in the past 1,5 year!

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IZM day 21 + 22 – zine libraries

Apart from zine shops and distros, zine libraries and archives also stock zines, and you can even read zines for free there! To celebrate all of their wonderful work and collections, July 21st is called Zine Library Day.

That’s why today, on July 21st, International Zine Month encourages us to

“visit your local zine library. Don’t have one in your area? Why not start one?”

And tomorrow, on July 22nd, we give some zine library love too by

“sending or dropping off your zine to a zine library to be included in their collection.”

Over the years, I think my zines got to live in quite a few libraries, I’m happy to announce. You can see the list here. Unfortunately this weekend, I won’t be able to visit a local zine library or archive because they are all closed at the moment. So I’ll have to donate zines another time.

One of my old zines – Radix #2 – in the collection of the Feminist Library in London

What are YOU doing on this zine library weekend? Do you have a zine library nearby? If not, you can also check out some online zine archives:


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