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IZM day 18 – trade zines

It’s July 18: Zine trade Day! “Ask someone to trade zines” Trading (swapping) is one of the best things about zines. It’s all about showing an interest in and supporting other people’s zines, sharing your zines, and a non-profit DIY … Continue reading

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News, workshops & events (late Spring – Summer 2018)

Hi there! I’ve got a LOT of zine workshops coming up in the next few months, plenty of zine plans, and other news. It must be the zine season? NEWS: Lately I’ve been working on two mini-zines at the same … Continue reading

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IZM: zine stuff in Berlin and Ghent

Last week, Jo and I went to Berlin for a few days… I love the city! There’s so much to discover, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored: The parks, little co-op shops, (former) squats, street-art, vegan places… But I won’t … Continue reading

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