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Zines about music available from ECHO

When I started out making (fan)zines in 2001, writing about music was a big part of them. Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney featured on the cover of my very first zine called Punk Feminist Mini-Zine (now out of print) and in … Continue reading

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Recent contributions to publications: books and zines

Apart from creating my own zines, I sometimes contribute drawings or writings to other zines (and sometimes books or other media). For compzines (compilation zines: zines which contain work by several people) contributions are vital and I feel happy and … Continue reading

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Surprise zine bags

Last Sunday at the feminist market at Poisson Sans Bicyclette in Brussels I introduced something new at my table for the very first time: Zine Surprise Bags! Let me know if you’re interested in one! They contain 3 A5/A6 sized … Continue reading

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Zines about self-care available from ECHO

ZINES ABOUT SELF-CARE:  I love reading zines about self-care and (mental) health. It’s not something that is always easy to talk about but reading and writing such zines can be a way to process your experiences, reach out, find support, … Continue reading

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Work-in-progress zines…

I’m currently working on several zines at the same time. Here are some photos of the work-in-progress of some of them: Can you guess which zines these will become and/or what they will be about? ♥ ♥ ♥

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Chainsaw Bunny hates… Same Heartbeats #15

NEWS FLASH: Chainsaw Bunny calls for a boycott of the zine Same Heartbeats #15 because of its complete lack of bunnies inside its pages*. She protests the human-centrism and bunny-phobia of this issue of a zine that used to be … Continue reading

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New: mini-zine sets

I love mini-zines: a folded sheet of A4 paper into an 8-page A7 zine. Everyone can make them, they are quick to create and cheap to copy. I’ve already made a bunch of mini-zines – see at the bottom of … Continue reading

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