[see announcements]

  • 24 Hour Zine workshop at Le Space in Brussels on July 7-8th 2017


  • Ladies’ Room (2007 in Z33 in Hasselt)
  • Animation film + participation in debate @ Civil Media UnConference (2008 at Radiofabrik in Salzburg, Austria)
  • Zine/DIY Gathering (2009 in Espace Ladda in Ghent)
  • Zine Fest Gent (2011 in DOK in Ghent)
  • Zine info point @ Campo Victoria (Museum night with Ladda vzw in Ghent)

  • Zine Café: zine workshop with FEL
  • Zine Café: feminist posters workshop  with FEL
  • 1st edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing (July 2014 in Ghent)
  • 2nd edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing (October 2014 in Ghent)
  • Feminist posters workshop @ Agitations (November 15th 2014 in Charleroi)
  • Craft + zines @ Let’s LousART (February 22nd 2015 in Lousbergpark, in Ghent)
  • Workshop @ VeelZIJdig (March 6-7th 2015 on Martelarenplein, in Leuven)
  • 3rd edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing Belgium (March 20-21st 2015 in the Rainbowhouse, in Brussels)
  • Zine stand @ VoiZines (April 11-12th 2015 in Lousbergpark, in Ghent)
  • Zine stand @ Alternatieve Boekenbeurs (April 18th 2015 in De Centrale, in Ghent)
  • Zine Afternoon (June 21st 2015 in Brussels)
  • T-shirt & Zine Party (June 26th in Brussels, organised by Pullet Rocks) -> some of my zines will be there too
  • Zine workshop @ Queer Arts Festival (August 5th 2015 in Antwerp)
  • Mini-zine workshop @ CoVen fest in Cologne
  • Feminist comix exhibition + zine table @ F-word festival (October 2-12th in Amsterdam)

  • Zines for sale at bookshop De Groene Waterman in Antwerp during Eva Bijt Door event and after
  • Zine reading room + ongoing workshop @Unruly Bodies conference in Brussels (October 30th 2015)
  • Zine table @ Ladyfest party (November 12th 2015)
  • Zine poster exhibition (by the group who did the Lesbian Pulp Fiction show the year before) @ Pink Screens in Brussels (november 2015)
  • Mini-zine workshop by Jo @ L-festival (November 29th 2015)
  • Zine table @ Zine fest Berlin (November 7 + 8th 2015)


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